Zionists And Their GOP Puppets

We know who holds legitimate power by the way political candidates mention their names. Israel holds such clout over the political clowns vying for our votes. Specifically within the religious right, there’s an outspoken alliance with Israel, and the partnership has been sublimely profitable for them. Sheldon Adelson, in particular, is vehemently pro Israel. He rewards any talk of commitment to Israel, but he’s not alone. Ashkenazi Jews have many wealthy bankers and businessmen within their ranks waiting to back a politician who’s doting on Israel. Extra credit also involves competing in their fierce loyalty to the Zionist nation as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Hillary Clinton have done. Sheldon Adelson acts on this shameless self-interest, which implies the Zionist country’s priority over America.

I suppose if Adelson desired this behavior to repeat continuously, he must randomly dispense the reward. Being the casino mogul he is, the principles of Operant Conditioning probably are not lost on him. Casinos rely heavily on humans being reduced to greedy rats. When humans pull their levers over and over in Las Vegas, do B.F. Skinner’s rats really exhibit less intelligence? The mindless behavior makes you wonder, who’s doing the thinking, who’s the prime mover, the lever puller or the machine itself? Humans inherently possess the ability to reason but if they let a machine wipe all mental capacity from their God given brains, they’re doomed. We’re doomed if we keep falling into traps set by Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians. What has that insane collective done for the United States, besides infiltrating her, swindling her out of money and murdering not only her armed forces, but her civilians as well?

Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty with the malice that, if you’ve done your research, perfectly suits them. It wasn’t a one time display of poor judgment either. Known as the Lavon Affair, Israeli military intelligence, or Aman, botched their terrorist plot in Egypt. This government body belongs to the Israeli Intelligence community along with Mossad and Shin Bet. Aman worked in concert with Egyptian Jews to create a false flag event, attacking American, British, and Egyptian civilian properties with the intention to implicate any enemy of Israel. Zionists simply prey on misfortune whether they create the crisis or not. As Raum Emanuel stated publicly, “You never want to let a serious crisis to go to waste.” Of course, he didn’t intend the quote to be interpreted with the Hegelian Dialectic in mind, nor does he go into detail how his gang of terrorists pounce on macabre scenes and push through legislation that restricts what little freedom we have way before the grieving process even begins. The United States had her share of crises. Unfortunately, many of us have trouble processing them. Donald Trump spoke of the recent one, September 11th, and is either embarrassingly misinformed or a conniving liar. Trump claimed that there were dancing Arabs in New Jersey on 9/11, but the dancing, celebrating people detained by New York police were Israeli. There’s also the truck that was filled with explosives, caught near George Washington Bridge, and driven by who else? Israelis. The list of suspicious details goes on and on. Another peculiar event the media refused to cover extensively was Urban Moving Systems, an Israeli company, and a mural of a plane flying into the World Trade buildings on the side of one of its trucks.

This information shouldn’t be surprising as it is gruesome considering how the Zionists created Israel. Decades before the media sounded the alarm over Islamic terrorists, three Israeli terrorist groups, Irgun, Lehi, and Haganah were ripping apart and dismembering the Middle East. Of course, teachers won’t mention Israeli terror in standard education. This information runs counter to the Holocaust narrative, the pity the poor Jews propaganda, nor do inept educators mention the Epidemic Typhus that ravaged the Nazi concentration camps. Lice transmitted the deadly disease, and that’s why we’ve seen the photos showing heaps of clothes, shoes, and suitcases. The items were set aside for delousing. The Nazis used the fumigation agent known as Zyklon B to kill the lice infected with Rickettsia prowazeki. This explains why we see photos of people with their bones jutting out beneath their skin as two key symptoms of Epidemic Typhus are loss of appetite and weight loss. The legend of the gas chambers unravels when we thoroughly study it. The Nazis aimed to control the spread of Typhus; if they wanted their prisoners dead, why would they go anywhere near the concentration camps? Wouldn’t it be prudent to demolish the camps with every prisoner inside? As the Nazis guarded the prisoners and ran the concentration camps, they put their own lives at risk. Even if prisoners in the camps were gassed, not enough evidence supports this, don’t we find it peculiar that Jews try to monopolize the suffering? Nazis’ undesirables included prostitutes, homosexuals, and the disabled—put another way, gentiles. In terms of real victimhood, not claimed victimhood, who really burned during World War 2?

The Allies dropped incendiary bombs on German civilian cities. As if the fire wasn’t enough, German civilians had to endure the barbarians invading from the east. The Soviets raided civilian towns and raped mothers and daughters. Where’s the global sympathy for these victims? Where’s the international memorials that honor the German civilians and the expression of regret from the inhumane aggressors? One regret too many Americans have is not apologizing vigorously enough to the Jews. Given the Zionist Jews and the Jews who support the terrorist state of Israel, it’s time to stop begging for forgiveness. We don’t need their blessing but thankfully, some people shatter the myth of the perfectly innocent Jew. John Lennon was among them. Lennon wasn’t paralyzed by the the fear that cripples too many of us. He wasn’t afraid of being labeled as antisemitic or a bigot. He stated, “Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion,” and the facts seem to follow. Haven’t we noticed the plethora of Nazi movies pumped out by Zionist Hollywood? Where’s the miles of film depicting despots who massacred their own people, Stalin and Mao? Why is Adolf Hitler the focus as the face of evil, but Mussolini is seldom portrayed as a chief enemy to humanity? Does humanity revolve around Jews or does it involve all races and all creeds?

Speaking of Americans, most don’t know that the 6 million number appears before the Nuremberg Trials and that International Jewry pleaded for money because somehow the gentiles were rounding up 6 million Jews in various locations at various times and slaughtering them. These pleas for money are printed in newspaper archives for any curious researcher to see. The articles use the same 6 million number we know of today, but they were printed around 20 years before World War 2. Here is a sample of the articles collected from The New York Times and The Sun archives: New York Times — October 18th, 1918 / September 9th, 1919 / November 12th, 1919 / July 20th, 1921 / The Sun — June 6th, 1915. How is slaughter automatically solved by throwing money at it? The fraudulent 6 million number demonstrates how compromised the American education system is. Zionists have deceived the gullible masses for too long. Above all, there’s one facet to the Zionist problem that should never be forgotten—the well-being of the United States and her people was never their primary concern.