Wrong About Christ Consciousness

I have written that we achieve success through Christ consciousness, but I seem to have been mistaken. The general idea was fitting, but that specific phrase is all wrong. Christ consciousness carries a stench of arrogance; it emanates excessive self-interest. The phrase nauseates. Also, the two words might stand as our central barrier to any real understanding. When the wise teacher shows us the way, we don’t seek to replace the teacher. Mutiny against the wise sharply veers off the correct path. If we allow the oligarchs to press forward with the misguided dreams of godhood, then humans will not only fail in achieving divine status but will irrevocably exterminate the species along the way. All will be doomed. Considering the possibility of straggling survivors, time travel might become our last prayer to reverse the damage. Supposing we could correct our history of errors, the invaluable lessons will eventually dissipate anyway, as history follows the same pattern. Generations that follow lose the wisdom of their ancestors. We would be caught in a never ending cycle of relearning what our ancestors had to learn the hard way. As finite, imperfect humans, we don’t become Jesus. We don’t strive to emulate Him. We try to understand Him.

Our behavior will for the most part be genuine once we truly understand what it means to be good. Taking into account the fallibility of human nature, we cannot automatically adopt the role of a perfect saint. Even with understanding, ingrained, mischievous habits never cease to poke out of our subconscious. No mind is perfectly tamed. There will always be times when humans shrink into a vulnerable state and succumb to vice. The virtuous know their weaknesses. The virtuous know that once we try to blot out our weaknesses, we proceed to stamp out everything until there is nothing left. Therefore, the mission to usurp Jesus is a death sentence. The ego of humanity, which resembles a bloated large intestine, blinded us to what’s in front of our face. The word Christ even needs revisiting. Similar to the word, Holocaust, the meaning of the word itself is taken for granted by most. Both words correspond to ritual. One means a burnt offering and the other, anointed with oil. Only in the absurdity of this life can we argue ferociously over terms we never found the proper definitions for.

If we can throw around labels, like Holocaust denier, heretic, and bigot so easily, then truth is not what we seek. If we argue over subjects we refuse to learn about, then we debated for our own vanity and not the least bit of understanding. We witness this narcissistic behavior smothering and asphyxiating any intelligence that the Internet once proudly displayed. Instead of learning, the sheeple leap out to debunk and shame one another. An intelligent person would rather respectfully disagree. An intelligent person will not halfheartedly and unconvincingly debunk a theory because he or she took offense to the argument. Intelligent people don’t waste time and effort in humiliating others when there is still so much to learn, so much information to process. Truth and goodness exist independent of our feelings. The two exist independent of our set of established beliefs. Honest people will let the facts support their arguments and when they discover that they’ve erred, they admit to it and move on with their journey toward truth and goodness.

Judging by the state of the world, we need to quickly understand what is truth and what it means to be good. Although, being thrust into a life of complexity, this is no simple matter. It’s also understandable that the wise may want to protect the human collection of knowledge and wisdom from the groping and stumbling masses. Numerous times has the truth been revealed, which traumatized the masses and compelled them to excommunicate or imprison the truth tellers. At worst, the truth sent the masses into a primal, bloody frenzy. Truth is wasted on the compulsively violent. People who screech a bevy of insults after you said something they didn’t like will never be intimate with truth. Truthfully, this uncivilized reaction does indeed meet the goals of Christ consciousness. You deify yourself, and then you permit yourself to create the rules for others to live by no matter how illogical or self-serving. These narcissists lack self-awareness. They detect a theory which runs counter to their beliefs and they crash like an overloaded computer. Knowing what is good and true requires intelligence, fortitude, and most of all patience. Patience is needed to process contradictory, even controversial data. A successful person is a good person. A successful person is a wise person.