Write Our Reality

Michael Conrad Hirt
Michael Conrad Hirt / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

There is nothing interesting left to vocalize is there? Every spoken word is a rotten platitude and every sound, a loop of wailing infants. We like to play the role of the enlightened master. We like to talk about ourselves. We share details of where we’re from, how we earn money, and where we’re going. We say all this as if it matters. We delve into the sordid details from others’ lives. We use the details to weave an intriguing story, shattering the monotony tugging at our core. The consumer drones cried out for an adventure and willed it into existence. The universe acquiesced to our wishes. Now we have our credit, debt, and usury. Now we have our streaming images to catatonically stare at. We press power on our devices to lose our power. By pushing play, those images stole stealthily our souls. This is our story; do we want to abandon it or help write it?

Powerful people have gladly taken over our writing duties. We eschew our duty and don’t stand up. We sit down and let civilization crumble. I see a lot of bodies, but where are the people? Don’t we know not to push any buttons we didn’t understand? We lost our story; we lost it on the mountain under the stars. We flew by night and because we were intoxicated with our own filth, we rose higher and higher. Hovering over the less fortunate, we choke them with our exhaust. Rising from below the priviliged, we ram them off balance to send them back below. Have we enjoyed our wicked collisions? Have we enjoyed our savage scramble to the coveted zenith? It’s amazing how busy we are and yet, we accomplish nothing. Maybe we can stop pushing buttons and invite our souls back into our bodies. There’s nothing to watch anyway. Although, there is so much to learn.

Let’s pay attention. We are all collaborating on writing the story of this world. If we neglect our studies, we are asking planet Earth to wallow in ignorance. Granted, our individual input remains too meek, to meek to exact significant change. Our coordinated action, however, motivated by good will and not coercion, will rewrite the tumultuous path we’re now heading down. This redirection toward a better future means less watching and more reading. This means less answering and more questioning. When we write our events, it’s important that we don’t pretend to be all knowing masters of the universe. As individuals, we grapple with limitations to what we can know and accomplish. Compared to a thousand, one voice can only inform so many and sometimes, no matter how much we protest, the will of the majority writes the story of our individual lives. We have control, but we don’t have total control. The element of chance may foil our plans. The element of chance may also help materialize them.

More ominous than chance are the ruling families currently in power. As always, we need to tread carefully with this. Singling out a particular group, family, or even an individual as the supreme commander of planet Earth would be outrageously simplistic. During an interview with Benjamin Fulford, David Rockefeller addressed accusations regarding his position of power:

There have been people — ever since I’ve had any kind of position in the world — who have accused me of being ruler of the world. I have to say that I think for the large part, I would have to decide to describe them as crack pots. It makes no sense whatsoever, and isn’t true, and won’t be true, and to raise it as a serious issue seems to me to be irresponsible.

This statement is a blatant misunderstanding. I’d venture a guess that most conspiracy theorists consider the Rockefellers powerful players in shaping the world but not the only players. The oligarchy is a conglomeration of wealthy families and not limited to American families nor Robber Baron families. What events they write into reality are too powerful for one individual to resist. If most of us rose to the noble task our religions asked of us, we could steer this planet in the right direction. First, we have to understand that the buttons we press actually re-engineer us. Do we push play or do we reclaim the story? Let’s write our present. Let’s write our future. The pages printed with our story await us, because no one else will redeem the human species.