Transhumanism: Not Your Dream Come True

Let’s imagine we can project our minds into the future. Will screens not leap closer to our eyes until the interface is embedded into them and soon afterward, into our brains? The story of the phonograph, the radio, the television, and the smartphone should startle conscious beings. However, the bond between human and machine will only entrance the average human. The average human is a fallen leaf, going where the violent, rushing current takes it. Any new toy under the spotlight of a marketing campaign will mesmerize them and if he or she keeps producing for the current technocracy, they will merge with machines and seal their fate as irredeemable slaves. Advertisements primarily were found on storefronts and billboards but leaped closer to us as the screens had jumped from the laboratory, to the theater, to the home, to the pocket and eventually, to the body and brain itself. Film from the 20th century showcased the working grunt spellbound before the glass of a shop. It’s eerie how one little piece of footage can depict the downfall of humanity itself. How very uninteresting a working grunt would be when nearly every thought revolved around buying, selling, buying, selling. Being underpaid and overworked enables the worker drone to buy but still remain virtually powerless. The more the drone sells, the less overpaid he is, but the more the drone sells, the more the spirit languishes. Generation after generation we transform the entire planet into a dumpster, a platform for buying and selling, going out of our way not to work together and cooperate.

In the future, commercials, fundamentally only anti-intellectual manipulation via our emotions, would be written by artificial intelligence and streamed right into our eyes. When we’ve transcended the use of eyes, the advertisements will stream as direct signals into the brain. The proletariat will unfortunately undergo unpleasant body modifications such as these. As the prominent eugenicists, Julian and Aldous Huxley and Bertrand Russell had discussed, transhumanism forbids the ultimate slave race to carry the will and the ability for rebellion. The slaves will be intelligent enough to perform the assigned task but stupid enough to never question the legitimacy of their masters. Does the oven and refrigerator question our motives when we are hungry? Why do you think corporations name departments, which manage employees, human resources? Did you think you were special? Corporations and governments treat the biosphere and the lifeforms within it as their personal toolbox, and these two domineering forces purposely exploit all for their own gain. Once the wealthy bask in victory and make total use of the slave hordes in the polluted, desolate environment they’ve created, they still won’t be satisfied. Similar to the slave race, the wealthiest among the wealthy, obeyed irrational urges. The wealthy too exhibit no discipline and don’t understand what they are truly asking for.

At this point, the wealthy despite being able to satisfy, in public without reproach, every sexual perversity or ritual abuse, cannot be content. When you’ve destroyed the planet and exhausted her lush resources to fulfill your fantasy of being a god and yet, you’re still unhappy, you might just cut the power that gives life not only to the hordes but you yourself. By this time, the closest entity resembling physical life will be a super computer capable of housing posthuman virtual people who mistake pieces of the the program for living flesh, warm sunlight, or the soft glow from stars. This destruction of the posthuman form might even be botched and might condemn the code to endlessly repeat itself. The scenario might consist of a network of machines creating virtual life without anyone administering the network. The Samson Option, the proper name for the kill switch, probably will be used if the wealthy meet an impenetrable resistance from conscious beings. If the kings and queens could destroy the planet before we could dethrone them, it’s probable that they would do so. Considering future technological advancements, they’d more than likely upload their consciousness to a machine before permanently decimating life on Earth. Wealth magnifies the vanity, the idolatry, and the importance of immortality found in the average worker drone. Nick Bostrom, taking an optimistic perspective on transhumanism and posthumanity, invites the extermination of humans. He posits that our world could be a simulation ran in order to learn about our ancestors, provided that all civilizations did not go extinct before technological maturity and that interest in running ancestor simulations does not die.

What Bostrom doesn’t account for is that when body augmentations hit the market, a required process before simulations are even considered possible, the super abilities will be reserved for the wealthy, and the limited, modest modifications will be rationed to the masses. Revolutions in nanotechnology and artificially increasing the processing power of the brain won’t awaken, in the wealthy, a sudden incentive to share. After years and years of dominion over people, do we actually believe the wealthy will voluntarily give up their power only because super human abilities are theoretically within their grasp? What type of altruism have they partaken in up to this point? One of their supposed altruistic acts involve rewarding the poor for bearing children they cannot afford to take care of. Apparently an effective method to sustain the current hegemony, as long as the people are poor, uneducated, and malnourished, they have no chance in challenging and questioning the legitimacy of their power. They also reward the proletariat for selling, the bastardized art of recklessly making money, without any concern for the consequences to individuals, society at large, and the environment. They run propaganda persuading individuals to change their behavior, instilling guilt over their own carbon footprint when the transnational corporations and those corporations tied to the military industrial complex are the worst ecological offenders of all. If there’s any intelligent life in the universe watching the way humans treat other life forms, including each other, pushing humans to forfeit their humanity, those alien colonies will understand that planet Earth needs to be quarantined. They’ll know eugenics and transhumanism go hand in hand. The universe needs protection from such a technologically advanced but spiritually corrupt species. The Van Allen Belts provide a type of containment; its rings of radiation begin at 600 miles above the Earth, but whether spacecraft can penetrate the belts safely without harm to the crew is up to debate. What is certain is how absolutely necessary spiritual maturity is. Destructive species need containment. If we set this planet ablaze, we don’t deserve to colonize new ones only to reboot our parasitic cycle.