The World Rejects The Good

The world has fallen a long time ago. It attacks our souls. It squashes and wipes away spirituality out of the consciousness of humankind. As nothing pure and honest exists within our flesh, nothing we do is authentic. Nothing we feel is understood. Nothing we’re supposed to know helps us navigate the seductive labyrinth of lies. Modern, urban life neglects the spirit. Feeling isolated, removed from the whole, small and insignificant, we pine for belonging. Though nothing in this world gives us a permanent, stable connection and suffering as we do, the wish to connect manifests in self-sabotaging ways. Some of us use meaningless flings and illicit drugs to connect. Others use random acts of kindness and still others use a heavy dose of belligerence to achieve some sort of acknowledgement. If desperate enough, we might indirectly ask for reproach and belittling insults. After all, attention of any kind temporarily fulfills a need and makes us feel a little less alone. The world operates on sex and violence. Our bodies are compelled to procreate and aggressively push our genetic code into the future. There’s no way around this fact. Besides our relationship with God, there is no more important union than two fertile beings who create another wholly unique, autonomous being. However, humans abuse this gift of fertility many times over. When the orgasm became the goal instead of the connection, we found ourselves in great peril. This place reversed polarity and we became rotten, inverting what is right and wrong.

The Lives We Fail To Live

Soley seeking out the “little death,” we ourselves began to puss and putrify on the inside. Now in our cultureless culture, we identify as rejects. We embrace rebellion for the sake of rebelling. Real conversation dying out and verging on extinction, we rely on platitudes and cheap hedonist acts to replace our need to feel wanted and cared for. Men work menial jobs, turn away from universities and society, withdraw from their social lives and play video games and watch pornography. Women, focusing on their careers in their youth, bounce from one relationship to the next and wait too long to start a family, maybe even choose the wrong man who abandons them when pregnant. The world revolves around pleasures of the flesh and squirts of neurochemicals in the brain. Though what kind of sex should this be, the vulgar, destructive kind or the holy, immaculate kind? Maybe some of us depend on the cheap, vulgar kind of connection because we feel hideous and unworthy, but learning how to see can reverse this feeling. Deep down we know that our body, mind, and spirit, when working in unison, can bring us closer to God. Our fallen world clashes with this spiritual knowing though. We’re inundated with images, videos, storylines, and scenarios of the ultimate vulgarity.

Turning Away From Temptation

We can fall prey to this current degeneration of humanity so effortlessly, so predictably. Our adversary is formidable but with discipline and a good heart, can be overcome. The adversary preys upon us when we’re vulnerable. We feel rejected in this cruel, superficial world. Employers either don’t give us a chance or treat us like replaceable parts of a machine. The opposite sex either ignores us or uses us for their own selfish pleasure, and everyone has lost the will and interest to keep a real relationship going. If this world doesn’t want me or you, so be it. This is the same world that crucified Jesus. This is the same world where smug pretenders flock to their churches but figuratively crucify Jesus consistently each week. Evil is building up in the callous heart of humanity. We like to think we know what’s true, but we only know to starve our spirit from the sustenance that God gives. The cartilage of our ears fold up into our ear drums, and our eyelids puff out so much that no light reaches our pupils. The most overrated ambitions in the material world are power, fame, and wealth. I don’t mind my name buried and forgotten in the tranquil quicksand of time. What I really want is true meaning, not fleeting joys of the flesh nor the empty glory of economic success.

Welcoming Rejection

I, not unlike most men, wished to establish a respectable career and maybe find a loyal woman with a good heart. However, employers and women use the most inane reasons to reject men like me. Most of the time, I’m disappearing in the huge swarm of men visiting the scrap heap of ruthless employers and narcissistic women. We all eventually discover how unrealistic and demanding they both can be. The Internet provided them both with an endless supply of potential. They might overextend themselves if they seriously consider all their options and overloaded with too much choice, I can understand why they passively take the path of least resistance. Though growing closer to God, I accept all the rejection I face. Undoubtedly, the rejection will reintroduce itself to me time and time again spanning years into the future. I welcome this. I understand my worth, and I’d rather enter God’s kingdom than toil and give everything in return for this world to dispose of me like I’m some anomaly, a foreign agent, a tiny piece of light inside a sick, decaying body. The world, the businesses, and the people prefer sickness to health. The devoted followers of Jesus are destined to be shunned and marginalized. I’m not without flaw, but I won’t compromise on what is right and wrong. If you aren’t an immoral, narcissistic hedonist, you’ll find it extremely difficult to carve out a pocket of good in this decadent place. The toxic influence is ubiquitous. As someone who is courageous enough to accept the truth, consistent rejection isn’t so disappointing. It’s inevitable. I don’t feel defeated and paralyzed under mounds and mounds of despair. I feel myself submitting to God. The world is imploding by its own wickedness and thankfully, people like me will be there once it’s finished, rebuilding from all that remains in the wreckage.