The Truth About Seeing Stars

Society expects us to bury our righteous indignation. It’s message reverberates distinctly and deeply within our consciousness. Ask for anything real, and society returns a resounding, “No.” It says, “Don’t bother with the truth if you’re conducting serious business.” After all, our seething anger is symptomatic of the truth a business partner or bureaucrat refuses to confront. The living dead don’t appreciate being reminded of the truth. They prefer their mechanical, implanted dreams, the American Dream, the follow the rules and you’ll get paid dream. No matter that governments and corporations treat us like insects, if your fence is high enough, you might salvage some piece of mind. No matter that wealthy oligarchs hire assassins to hunt any spiritual teacher preaching, “Love thy neighbor,” if you surround yourself with enough toys, for a while, the glaring truth might not kick your door in. The oligarchs know perfectly well, united, we survive, and divided, we perish. What better way to divide the population than with providing subversive entertainment, mind-altering drugs, and superficial, depraved individuals for children to emulate? What agenda do the actors, musicians, and socialites push? They’re practitioners of hedonism and as such, they proclaim that wine is the water. As ambassadors of the Bread and Circus Show, they glamorize the chase for that short-lived, egocentric euphoria and the youth, by becoming too deeply involved with their music, dancing, drugs, and sex, are swallowed up by this Bread and Circus Show. When the show digests the youth, the show becomes the reality, and they herald cheap gratification as the giver of life. Anything good is measured against an earthly pleasure. The drug, whether tangible or intangible, represents the epitome of good in this world. The zombies will pervert anything, including the holy and the respectable, to satisfy their pleasure seeking. Despite being essential to life, the population no longer reveres water, and the rotting of civilization is revered in its stead.

Did Jesus literally turn water into wine? What would be the point? The living dead, the sheeple, the mind controlled masses have always counted on the wine, or anything used as a drug, to pretend to live life to the fullest. Akin to their foolishness and lack of awareness, wine dulls the senses. Wine represents all drugs and the lack of discipline to administer them responsibly. Wine was used to mangle authentic love and to replace self-respect with self-indulgence as primary motivation for our actions. When He turned water into wine, Jesus showed the living dead that their key to life was water, not their beloved wine. Water, representing discipline, simplicity, and honor, is essential to life. However, the Christian Church corrupted the teachings by radicalizing discipline itself. The Church mistakenly demonized indulgence of all kinds and of all degrees. The Church tyrannically enforced its rules to the letter, which stands as the antithesis to the teachings of following the heart of the law. This religious institution erroneously accused innocents of heresy when they did not abstain and it never emphasized the possibility of sex without depravity, technology without materialism, drugs without addiction, and religion without fanaticism. This possibility requires much discipline; you’ll wish to indulge, but the oligarch ran society will prey on this feeling. They can use our concern for the environment to consolidate all national governments and set forth a global tyranny like no other. The Club of Rome, a global think tank founded by Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King, is known to leverage concern for the environment to help establish a global government. They use the ailing, polluted environment as a common enemy to persuade the masses to unite under a global tyranny. Alexander King spoke of the media’s role in this plan when he said, “Media is a most powerful weapon and agent of change to establish a one-worldist neo-Malthusian order.” People unaccustomed to the ideas of social-engineering will likely ask themselves, “How did we not see it?” The answer lies in being under the influence of wine and pursuing the self-involved “goals” that wine represents.

By performing the miracle of turning water into wine, Jesus transformed the public’s perception of water. This miracle was made possible by making the blind see. Like any authentic and accomplished teacher, he gave his pupils new eyes, and the fundamental truth is that the flock is incapable of comprehending its own death. As with the Dunning-Kruger effect, they vastly overestimate their cognitive abilities. They engage in long periods of leisure as if the entertainment they consume cannot retard their mental capacity to process reality. While intoxicated on gadgets, social networks, music, and movies, the masses presume to see the truth but are very much removed from it. The media may appear innocuous. However, such institutions can easily serve counterfeit truth and with such a flood of misdirection, rulers of this world can effortlessly manufacture the docility and the complacency of their subjects. Some who are privy to this technique, including Fred Emery and Bertolt Brecht, have noticed this phenomena. Fred Emery’s article in the August 1959 issue of Human Relations, entitled “Working Hypotheses on the Psychology of Television”, stated that the “psychological after-effects of television are of considerable interest to the would-be social engineer.” Even that which many hold dear, art itself, can be and usually is debased into a tool used for social control. Bertolt Brecht is known to have said, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.” Here’s where the show, the big game, the fireworks display transforms from the occasional leisure activity into a wholesale replacement for reality. The living dead seek to create their favorite characters from their shows if they aren’t adequately represented in life outside of television and the Internet. This includes adopting the habits and personality of these fictional, glamorized characters. This goes beyond mere imitation. This is programming. This is their regularly scheduled programming. Their daily diet of lies was wine disguised as water, as wine symbolizes the excess, the materialism, and the feverish fanaticism zombies adhere to.

According to one FBI internal memo in 1968, the FBI acknowledged the usefulness of “the Grateful Dead to channel youth dissent and rebellion into more benign directions.” If a close relationship between government agencies and popular musicians sounds too far fetched, consider the fact that Jim Morrison’s father was a Rear Admiral involved with the Gulf of Tonkin false flag event, Stuart Copeland’s father was among the central figures founding the Office of Strategic Services, and Frank Zappa’s father was a chemical warfare specialist. As Walter Lippmann wrote in his book, Public Opinion, that people try to reduce complex reality into a simple collection of stereotypes, I don’t declare that all popular musicians promote unrestrained, destructive, and maladaptive pleasure seeking. I also don’t declare that all popular musicians who tout self-destruction as liberation knowingly work for the interests of the oligarchs. However, if you feel the need to be “someone” and feed this irrational compulsion to be famous, you’ve fallen for the show, and if you’re conspiring against others for your white collar promotions, you’ve also fallen for the show. The oligarchs laugh heartily, because the joke is on all of us. The game of survivor, Herbert Spencer’s “survival of the fittest,” is Satanic. Do you actually know not to play that game? Or do you think having a house, a car, and a job is more important? Cheating your neighbor is the law of this land and after all, don’t you want to get ahead? Don’t you want to be a politician whose idea of debate is cycling through insults and hearsay without any detailed discussion on policy? Don’t you want to be a rock star whose stardom was manufactured and guided by organizations whose members belong to the CIA and its precursor, the OSS, Skull and Bones, as well as other men of influence involved in high finance, psychiatry, psychology, advertising, and propaganda? There is a reason why authentic love is perceived as boring. There is a reason why the flame that burns bright but extinguishes shortly after is perceived as exciting. Imagine the sun living the hedonistic life of a rock star. We wouldn’t be here, for it would have been snuffed out eons before.