The Impotent Rage of the American Voter

Let emotion pull you into a fight, and you’ve already lost. Your credibility dissipates. Your self-appointed moral authority collapses into ash. Before you take action against the opposition, especially if the action is drastic, you better fully understand who you’re up against. You better understand why you oppose this unjust entity. You better know how you specifically intend to resolve the conflict. If protesters don’t hand out pamphlets containing logical arguments based on verifiable evidence or defer to a website with such information, be wary of their true motives. If protesters use violence to force the public to hear their case, odds are that they never stood for anything substantial at all. Moreover, when you state your case, don’t expect to convince the judge by feeling justified and by thinking it should be apparent to everyone that you are justified. Right judgment will forever be impartial. Right judgment is carried out on a factual basis. You cannot postulate that, “The police are oppressive,” or “The Western world is oppressive,” or “The patriarchy is oppressive,” and expect to convince reasonable people with your hypothesis alone. This is why Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers failed terribly with their Weather Underground terrorist group. As with any ruthless, radicalized terrorists of the Islamic faith, violence won’t accomplish anything worthwhile. Instead of disseminating factual information in nothing but a peaceful fashion, they detonated not only corporate buildings but public ones, which the taxpayers paid to rebuild anyway. It’s never worth rallying behind the sheer idiocy of destroying our own neighborhoods to garner national attention.

To the credit of the Weather Underground, they were not murderers and before detonation, they indirectly notified the occupants in the targeted buildings. The overall plan, however, was careless in that one trivial mistake could result in the harm of innocent people. That trivial mistake, considering the manufacture of homemade explosives, would have been very easy to make. In fact, three members of the Weather Underground died when they accidentally detonated their own Greenwich Village town house. Less sophisticated forms of violence is about as destructive as we see with Black Lives Matter. If the protesters grow hysterical and let their irrational desires dictate their actions, all they stand for is indecent and unapologetic chaos. What are protesters really fighting for when they smash local businesses, set fires, and instigate a swift and brutal response from local law enforcement? If our collective anger isn’t under control, we are in no position to change the world for the better. Anger fueled by self-righteousness creates political enemies. People with different political views represent a critical and fortunate opportunity for exposure to information we wouldn’t usually be familiar with. Voters don’t lack intelligence for what they believe but why they believe and what, if any, evidence and logical reasoning support their beliefs.

In this day and age, irrational beliefs are fostered by the media and kept alive by zombies among the public. The media claims that Donald Trump banned Muslims from the United States. Why can’t the public see through the nonsense of this propaganda? Do all Muslims carry identification cards that prove their faith? Even if this illegal legislation was enacted, in order for it to be reasonably executed, all Muslims would need to be unequivocally identified. No matter how disapproving one is of Trump, we cannot deny him the possibility of doing some good. We cannot logically deny him credit for blocking legislation to help the American worker—the rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the intention of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. Although, by no means am I biased for Trump. It looks as though he lied about prosecuting Hillary Clinton. Apparently, she’s a good person now that he’s sworn into office. He also had curious connections to the mafia and a close relationship with Roy Cohn, a known attorney for the mafia. After all, his family is in the real estate business and the casino business, industries in which organized criminals, specifically in New York and New Jersey, play a significant and powerful role.

Even the Kennedy family allegedly rose to power by selling alcohol during Prohibition. Despite being raised in a supposed crime family, John F. Kennedy had had enough of the illegal and secret operations, though not limited to the CIA. In another example, Barack Obama, in wrapping up his final term in office, chose not to veto the United Nations’ resolution declaring Israel’s expanding settlements illegal. This is the same Obama who waged covert wars in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and who developed a drone assassination program that bypasses due process and fails to safeguard against targeting United States citizens. Anticipating what the average protester might say, my message isn’t a useless cliché demonstrating that there’s good and bad in everyone. Politics are significantly more complex than the average emotional protester and voter is aware of. Even taking the complexity into account doesn’t suffice. We have the media taking the liberty to package the truth for mass consumption and going to great lengths oversimplifying and skewing the information. Ultimately, each brand of news media herds loose, grazing cattle into their own pens. Studying the policy and the political arena itself is necessary for authentic protesting. We cannot show up emotional, charged with adrenaline, prepared for a fist fight, chant contrived catchphrases, and expect not to be one of the living dead. Spreading awareness or instigating violence, which of these do your actions actually convey?