The Depraved Revolving Door Of Government and Industry

Most of us seal our sight in darkness. The depravity is there, but can we see it? Can we really see? Are we ready to see the desert? If we’re ready, we’d cut the stitches from our eyelids. We’d no longer lose ourselves in pathetic skirmishes for status and possessions. As we recalibrate for a moment, we’d see the wasteland sprawled out before us. We’d instantly know the desert. The desert is spiritual death. It is the void lacking moral sustenance, and the swallowing spiral of cheap, fleeting pleasure. It is the grim aftermath of ignorance, materialism, and needless suffering. There is nothing to drink here. There is nothing to eat but before we lament, we must remind ourselves of the truth. We’ve created this barren, God forsaken land. No one forced us. No one did this for us. It was us who did not inhabit fertile plots of land. We neglected to till the soil within our souls and as in the literal desert, the truth shines so intensely we crave the shade under the canopy. This is the truth that scorches and tortures. In order to learn our lesson, we must stoically endure. Karma unleashes consequences in return for our poor choices. Unabashedly, we allow our poison to spread into others’ lives. Our collective depravity can tear at society, and it is our government’s infamous revolving door that leads it to ruin.

The universe will not forget about our karmic debt. Sometimes an individual can avoid payment but as a society, one way or another, karma will come to collect. Unfortunately, the debt collection isn’t fair. The privileged, scheming narcissists may wriggle themselves out of this debt. Frequently, the privileged are successful in doing so. Though as time goes by, future progeny, rich or poor, won’t always be afforded this luxury. For each high profile criminal who escapes from paying the consequences, a debt is left over for our children to pay. It no longer matters who pays anymore, because the people allow the criminals to periodically avoid payment. Being passed on for generation after generation, the karmic debt may build up until it ultimately destroys us, and there’s no dismissing the bill when it comes due. Many times the innocent must pay for the guilty’s transgressions. More specifically, the people pay for any strict allegiance to corrupt corporations. No different than the materialistic, status obsessed consumers, the corporate owned politicians wander the desert while deeply in karmic debt.

Take Eric Holder for instance. Holder, at the expense of the American taxpayers, deliberately failed to prosecute corrupt banks like HSBC and UBS. After serving public office, he returned to Covington and Burling, the law firm that built a reputation on representing corrupt figures poisoning the corporate world. This is the revolving door that ruins the ideal representative government. The corporate owned politicians seem intent in dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration. Another rich politician with a conflict of interest is Michael Taylor. Before being responsible for the FDA’s rBGH labeling guidelines, Taylor was a lawyer lobbying for Monsanto. Monsanto is actually notorious for having employees serve in public office. Linda Fisher was Vice President of Government Affairs for Monsanto and had previously worked for the EPA. Fisher is the former Assistant Administrator for the Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances. Politicians like these may rationalize their relationships with their employers, but there’s no denying the extravagant, privileged lifestyle of the politician passing through the revolving door.

Many other politicians are under Monsanto’s influence, which raises doubt in their supposed loyalty to the people. The business of deregulation is lucrative enough to employ a grand army of politicians. A short, incomplete list of Monsanto influenced politicians includes William D. Ruckelshaus, Michael A. Friedman, Michael Kantor, Marcia Hale, L. Val Giddings, and Margaret Miller. Corporations, like Monsanto, appear to use their own employees to undermine any legislation that might increase the costs of doing business. Even without considering Monsanto’s lobbying power, the infiltration of government stands as normal business practice these days. Philip Perry, Dick Cheney‘s son in law, contributed to the deregulation business as well. Perry, as DHS counsel, weakened chemical security legislation to favor the chemical industry. Instead of taking environmental and security concerns seriously, Perry allowed profitability to take precedence over the health of the people. In politics, the profit incentive is undeniable. Compassion for the people is an afterthought when a politician’s career is at stake, and money reigns as king in the politician’s depraved wasteland.

Despite the ethical implications, many politicians consider the revolving door worth passing through. Though in all fairness, the people don’t seem to favor integrity over money either. While the too big to fail corporations commit fraud and grand larceny, launder gangster money, and ultimately steal from and demoralize the taxpayers, what takes precedence in our lives? We are concerned with advancing our own careers and improving our own social status. Most of us are no different than the corporate owned politicians. Many of us would seize the opportunity to sell out the public and protect the corrupt corporations. Even though most people aren’t guilty of widespread and far reaching corruption, this innocence doesn’t matter. The people still lead miserable, status obsessed lives and suffer from the government’s malfeasance. The love of money and status brought them all to the desert to die a miserable spiritual death. Feeding on the poison of iniquity, they destroyed the nourishment their soul depends on. They laid waste to the world. They overburdened it in the mounting karmic debt. The revolving door destroyed the true purpose of government: serving the people.