The Business of Pretending to Care

As long as foreign leaders open their borders for business, civilian suffering means nothing to the United States government. Civilians will only matter if their leader defies multinational business interests. This truth is palpable, but the media still inculcates lies that contradict this. They claim that the American government cares about our right to life and liberty. Propaganda manipulates us to make war with these leaders uncooperative with international business. Showing death and destruction emotionally compels the uninformed to liberate the foreign people, but humanitarian goals are never the reasons why America goes to war. Similar to her allies, Israel and the United Kingdom, American media builds up a public relations image of caring about human rights and equal representation under the law. In reality, she is held hostage to an internationalist cabal. They are wealthy financiers of drug and weapons trafficking, war over profit and resources, and the brutal squeeze of the poor around the globe to maximize profit. In 1990, the media peddled us lies that Saddam Hussein’s soldiers threw babies out of incubators while invading Kuwait. Thirteen years later, they lied about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction. As of 2017, the media is again pushing the same idea, previously used four years prior, that Bashar al-Assad terrorizes his own people using chemical weapons. This chemical weapons story appears to be yet another ruse. America and her official voice, the media, could not care less about human suffering. America and her media only thinks in terms of economic domination, resource management, and maintaining, expanding, and justifying the international elitists’ reign of terror.

In addition to illegal wars, the Red Scare was built up by the media. In defiance of this elitist cartel, some communist leaders elevated the living standards of their poorest people. Fidel Castro took over the mafia owned casinos and cleaned up the dirty business of prostitution, illicit drugs, and indiscriminate violence. Under a communist system, Castro actually did some good and seized the mafia owned businesses, which used Cuba like a cheap but productive prostitute. The organized crime made life miserable for the poor. Although, Castro probably didn’t increase the quality of life for the poor through the kindness of his own heart. The plan with any communist takeover, once it initially takes power, is to purge the idealistic useful idiots. Cuba was no different in this respect. Those who fell for the communist sales pitch and helped the megalomaniacs seize power will turn into bitter enemies once disillusioned with the real purpose of Marxist ideology—centralized and all pervasive control. The communist sales pitch, drummed into the heads of Americans today, describes a utopia of united workers working for the common good. However, the open secret is that, as Antony Sutton describes in Trilaterals Over America top elitist capitalists, the same oligarchy that presides over America today, actually prefer Communism to Capitalism. Contrary to the media’s hysteria over the Reds, the violence between capitalist and communist countries were disputes over resources not political ideology. In addition to procuring resources, this war against Communism actually contributed to the rot of free market capitalism in the United States, as any shrewd businessman knows to fund both sides of war and both the Republican and the Democrat. The years and years of fighting against outside forces allowed the international elitists to acquire too much power within America. If wars weren’t profitable, no one would fund them. With each successive war, the elitists gained more power. As with any authoritarian despot, once the megalomaniacs destroy their competition, they destroy capitalist inspired competition itself.

The 1973 coup in Chile and the ousting of their democratically elected leader, Salvador Allende, wasn’t motivated by the supposed encroaching threat of communism. Wall Street, comprising of opportunistic capitalists, like John D. Rockefeller, Jacob Schiff, J.P. Morgan, and Andrew Carnegie and the other usual suspects, financed the communist leaders Lenin and Trotsky. Antony Sutton, in his other published works, also covers the Wall Street economic aid and sale of weapons technology to Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution and the Cold war and the build up of Nazi Germany. Allende, similar to Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, sought to help the poor through a peaceful process. Such attempts at good will threatens the supremacy of the corporation. Arbenz tried to institute land reform intended to help his own people, but this threatened United Fruit Company. On behalf of United Fruit, presently rebranded under the name Chiquita, the CIA disposed of Arbenz and forced him into exile. Allende had sympathy for the poor as well but committed the “unforgivable sin” of nationalizing industries, thus preventing American businesses to profit within their borders. The United States owned Chile’s copper mines. Working on behalf of corporate interests, the CIA yet again forcefully removed a democratically elected leader, a leader who usually wants to help his own people no less. Become a dictator who does the bidding of the wealthy elitists and the CIA won’t create order out of chaos in your country. You can murder, enslave, maim, and torture your own people like Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot, and the American military won’t invade you. Close your borders to international finance, disallow access to your resources, and you’ll be crushed. The American media will erupt with the rallying cry for war, and the American military will pry those borders open.

Even if the allegations against Assad were true, the fact is that the American government, the corporations who control the government, and the oligarchs who control the corporations do not care about the lives of people. War was never about saving people. There’s power to steal and there will always be that long line of useful idiots willing to sell their soul for a small trickle of that power. The media takes great measures to convince us that powerful elitists care about life and liberty, whether domestically or internationally. Through their actions alone, the oligarchs sent a clear message to all of us that they intend to maintain and expand their base of power at all costs. Their mission is conquest not freedom. The CIA approved dictators violently shatter any hope for freedom. Carlos Armas, the dictator who replaced Arbenz in the 1954 coup in Guatemala, created the National Committee of Defense Against Communism. This inhumane and malicious project was responsible for the detainment and execution of thousands of Guatemalans. Since Armas didn’t threaten United Fruit, a corporation associated with the Dulles brothers, the American government didn’t intervene. In a similar fight against Communism, Augusto Pinochet, the dictator who replaced Allende, also blazed a trail of death and human rights abuses. Thousands of Chileans died and suffered under Pinochet’s rule. If that wasn’t enough savagery, Pinochet’s fascist regime eliminated not only dissidents but their families as well. As common sense would dictate, not only does Communism betray the people, but the fascist, totalitarian fight against Communism does as well. These events in history lead us to believe an economic system cannot be relied on to save us. Despite what the media claims, any system is subject to the whims of the ones who preside over it. Our politicians, bankers, and lobbyists sell us out every four years. There is no magical free market in the United States that rewards the real producers. The wealthiest capitalists funded and supported Communism and Fascism around the globe. Human rights are simply a nonissue for the oligarchs.