The Arc: Connection To God

The arc is the missing link that connects us to God. It’s the valuable key. It unites the positive and the negative and bridges the ultimate gap. It enables the opposing forces to coalesce just as the yin and the yang brilliantly illustrates. Isn’t it magnificent that one symbol can tell the whole story? The arc closes the circuit of life. Once we close the circuit, only then will we have our power. Or expressed in a different way, we re-establish our connection to God. We would finally hook ourselves into the real. We would restore our impeccable vision. There’d be no need to concoct scams to make slews of money and no desire to pathologically chase orgasm after orgasm. Though this doesn’t describe us now, does it? It certainly doesn’t describe the place in which we find ourselves. Humanity may not literally eat each other. Although spiritually and emotionally, humans are as cannibalistic as they come. What happened to this arc? What happened to the cornerstone, the missing piece that brings life together, raises it, and sets it back to harmony? Did someone steal it? Did we give it away? Maybe, deep down we know what transpired that day the arc went missing. We’d like to forget, but we were the culprits. We were the guilty who were caught in the act. We scorched paradise. Humanity detonated the arc and gawked at its spectacular explosion. The bright lights fell from the sky, streaked back to Earth as we stood there paralyzed and dumbfounded. The past is not past. We destroyed the star. We severed the umbilical cord and killed Jesus. After all, aren’t we all so strong and independent? We believed we alone could take care of ourselves. We thought we didn’t need a connection to God.

As petulant children, we behaved as if our egos were enough to power us through the ages. Though in the end, how did that really work out for us? How was our independence from God? We clearly aren’t content, not with our part of the bargain. We blew up the bridge to God and in return, we received a life of hell. In coping with the loss, we try to lose ourselves. As understandable as it is, we asked for this cold and lonely God forsaken place. We turn to narcotics, vocations, technology, consumerism, food, and sex, but there’s no fooling God. There’s no escape from ourselves. There’s no escape from the savage, ravenous world, which we created. This is our story. This is the story of trading in truth for lies. It’s the same story of giving up our power only to enslave ourselves, work ourselves in circles, and accomplish nothing but agonizing, soul annihilating busy work. The glamour, the thin veil of novelty can’t fool us forever, and the pretty veneer can’t hypnotize us forever. Do we understand yet? We have one job to do—return home, restore the power, and gaze upon the havoc we’ve unleashed. We must face what we’ve become. Coping with our sorrowful existence, we’re not too dissimilar to Osiris. Osiris lost his penis, the one of many symbols signifying power, the power that slipped away from our grasp. We’re on our own without God. This is our independence we asked for. What’s looming in our presence now is the fertile ground for a communist utopia to take root in the hearts and minds of men and women.

Feeling weak, vulnerable, and powerless, humanity pleads for an inferior replacement for God, the big daddy to wipe clean their transgressions and protect against transgressions made against them. The communist utopia is the false messiah. It eclipses the real King. Maybe that’s why we see trendsetters in pop-culture covering one eye or touching their index finger to their thumb as if to trace the circumference around a single iris. Furthermore, their last three fingers appear to resemble the rays of the eclipsed King or the true Messiah. Though I would be the last person to argue that without a doubt influential celebrities act as informed participants in a Satanic plot or even that such a complex plot exists. I would also be the last person to admit that there is objective meaning behind their stage names or the way they pose for photos. However, the whole spectacle of show business, maybe even the practice of business itself, appears to mock the sacred. This mockery can explain why we have a bastardized version of Madonna. We witness too the construction of innocent child “stars,” allow them to taste fame and fortune and thereafter, corrupt them and engineer their fall. Their enormous egos might not stand for this, but we refer to famous people as stars though they’ll always be the unholy mockery of stars. Calling people stars is a misnomer and a deceptive practice. The practice encourages the ignorant masses to worship these mock stars. Worshiping other human beings only transports us closer to our communist utopia. We’re alienating ourselves from the sacred. How far are we willing to fall?

The fallen society programs us to crave self-importance and self-indulgence. Most of us don’t bother with learning anything useful or developing and refining a skill or talent and when the living dead wants to be good and selfless, they’re seduced by their own vanity. They chase their dream of being the star. They’re desperate to become the best good person, the perfect saint. Though if we follow Jesus, we begin to understand that the trophies humans work for are worthless. Only God can make humans special or noteworthy. Why is that today no one can bear hurt feelings? Why can’t we withstand the slightest form of criticism? Deep down humans know they’re anything but special. They only lay among the ordinary horde of infants crying out for big daddy to rescue them. Big daddy will come. The communist utopia will seize the hearts and minds of the corrupt, the irredeemable, the deplorable. However, just as we demolished the bridge to God, we won’t like what we’ll receive for our part of the deal. The serpent promised humanity everything at no cost, with no consequence, and with no consideration for reality. This the same promise for a communist utopia. Will we now bear responsibility for our sins? Look at our communities. They’re in shambles. Our families don’t fare much better. Our minds contort the facts to suit our egotistic, uninformed opinions, and we won’t be able to delay the inevitable for much longer. We can’t bargain with our destiny forever. In fact, we are already facing the dire consequences. This rotten, viper infested world is the result of our bad karma. This world is what we’re faced with when we fall for the promise of free gifts. We don’t receive everything for nothing. We don’t grow into people of integrity without doing God’s work.