Temperance And Mastering Our Desires

Temperance by Piero del Pollaiolo
by Piero del Pollaiolo /
Wikimedia Commons /
Public Domain

The world pays no mind to what we think makes us happy. Do we even dare to say what makes us happy? Are our thoughts even ours, or were they surreptitiously planted by ministers of propaganda? This might sound far-fetched, but fools scoff at being shown who they really are. That’s how ignorance reinforces itself. Ignorance behaves like a parasite that obstinately stays alive no matter the deadly strain put on the host. Ignorance turns us into empty vessels too. As hollow and vulnerable beasts, we allow our base desires to dictate our words, our choices, and our likes and dislikes. We need to watch out as this can be exploited. Armed with this information, knowledgeable men mold our desires to a form they deem appropriate. What’s more worrisome is that they could, at their discretion, even implant new desires, new desires as in new opportunities to exploit. That’s why it’s more important than ever to master the self. Our world disseminates half truths and outright lies. The same world jams honest transmissions expressing pure truth. As long as we’re slaves to our desires, whether sexual, social, financial, digestive, or psychological, we’re apt and ready tools for powerful men of industry. Only when we once more value virginity, restraint, and temperance will we earn our emancipation from this fallen world.

Bodily appetites are never fully satisfied, and there’s never enough power and status to keep us contented. As we receive more, we crave more. We’re left uneasy and unfulfilled. Really, are there any pleasures that aren’t so fleeting as if to mock us or toy with us? Our advertisements are lush with cleavage. Our ads seduce us. They appeal to power and tranquil getaways but despite all this pleasant imagery, there isn’t a paradise we can visit to avoid what we’ve done. We robbed love and sex of its profound meaning. We marry for financial stability as opposed to building an undying commitment. We have intercourse in the same way we need to release our bowels. There’s no physical expression of mutual respect. There’s only a burrowing, itching tension to be released. The true meaning is lost as we become intimate with various people and instead of virtue and sacrifice, egocentrism and convenience drives us in our relationships. Of course when building relationships on such a flimsy foundation, the human species won’t be able to adequately bond with one another.

Established, healthy relationships are the best indicators of our happiness. Striving for anything that endangers this only becomes fruitless and yet knowing this, we still succumb to our relationship dissolving, self-destructive desires. Why would we do this? Apparently, we make rash decisions. We approach intercourse as we approach our relationship with food and our psychological health. Although our attention to diet is improving, many still choose taste over nutrition. We choose short term sensation over long term benefit. This is like tolerating a toxic harlot who eventually forces you down to your knees and annihilates your spirit all the while shrieking that you were the one who wasn’t worthy. Furthermore, in the realm of mental hygiene, we fall into the same alluring, poisonous trap. Psychiatrists prey on the vulnerability and trust of their patients. Heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, their first impulse is to medicate with drugs that still haven’t proved effective as claimed. The one reliable consequence of taking antidepressants is the risk of sexual dysfunction and if used long term, possible irreversible damage to patient fertility.

Have we recognized the ominous pattern yet? Corporations and government aren’t here to nobly serve and nurse us back to health. They aren’t here to boost our morale and expand our minds. They are here to subdue and placate our righteous anger directed at a despicable and crumbling society. Though maybe both entities try to do good much of the time. Despite this, the world still needs much more help. Who wouldn’t be depressed suffocating in such a self-defeating environment? In this world, if you don’t struggle with periodical and serious emotional issues, there may be something wrong with you. Your ability to see might be impaired. Your ability to deduce might have gone amiss. Many of us who suffer want to be good. Seeing clearly is a prerequisite of that goal but sadly, seeing the truth can be quite discouraging. Today’s world reduces love and happiness to that short-lived feeling of releasing our bowels. We cannot be good if we use each other. Let’s stop using others to purge our built up tension and to allay our financial worries. Let’s restore the meaning that marriage, love, and family once nobly stood for. Master our desires, for the fallen society uses them to keep us occupied, to keep us from being a nuisance.