Sheeple: Tolerators of Tyranny

Operation Doorstep: Mannequins Before Nuclear Blast Test
Operation Doorstep: Mannequins Before Nuclear Blast Test

Sheeple think they’ve got it all figured out. They overestimate the power of their fragile, understimulated minds, and it’s no wonder sheeple allow emotions to guide their decision making. Why trek the frightening tundra of consciousness when you can permit your mind to freeze over, forfeiting any self-discovery, forfeiting any chance at a rational mind? Instead of going within, sheeple welcome their psychological programming. They shed the burden of courage and introspection. The light waves penetrating their pupils and the audio waves assaulting their ears instruct them on what to think, what to say, and what to do. The media encodes useless opinions into their brains and convinces them that the opinions are their own. Sheeple are predictable. Their response to stimuli is akin to an animal. The media pounded its cacophonous sermon into their heads, and the deplorable sheeple cried, “Amen.” The unholy tenets consist of decorating your body and possessions to feel “unique,” distancing yourself from the ones who suffer to feel “safe,” and selling your soul to feel “approved of.” Modern civilization prepares sheeple for the completion of the dehumanized hive. Why else are they systematically reduced to fumbling, instinctual animals? Why else is the feminine, docile man promoted and the rebellious, self-sufficient man under attack? The wealthiest among us judge us by how committed we are in serving the wealthy. Sheeple serve their tyrants and call it an extraordinary privilege.

Sheeple serve the interests of the most powerful no matter how degrading it is to be trapped in base consciousness. They aren’t supposed to know the implications of Hillary Clinton serving on Wal-Mart’s board of directors, Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, working as vice president of Goldman Sachs, and Bobby Jindal, working for McKinsey & Company, a consulting firm connected to the Galleon Insider Trading Scandal. After all, the corrupt practice of planting corporate owned criminals in government is nothing new, as evidenced by the 41st Vice President, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller. The people were never first in this republic. Not even individuals among the wealthiest families come first. The savage and brutal systems of control come first and are represented by the transnational corporations, such as banking institutions that crumble but are miraculously revived by government intervention, and gluttonous, resource pillagers, like Nestle, and natural resource saboteurs, like Monsanto. These corporations tenaciously and unscrupulously corner the market and establish themselves as among the pillars of authority. Critical analysis of the power structure, of course, fails to reverberate in the minds of the sheeple. Their minds are poisoned with irrational, emotional, suggestive thoughts. Modern civilization, at every turn, on every platform, in every arena, monitors and guides its herd, the citizens, like a sheep dog.

We’re supposed to feel worthless and useless if we’re poor and regal and idolized when we’re rich? Did this polluted thought originate within or the propagandized refuse that spew from our media? Bombarded with insatiable hedonism and unrelenting call to anger and violence, as usual, the sheeple look for outside phenomena to complete them. Female sheeple, with fractured minds, seek out men on the basis of what toys and adornments they can procure. Disregarding the male’s humanity, much like the feminist movement itself, females behave like unindividuated vessels waiting for a man to fill them with personality, thoughts, status, identity, and desires that they themselves cannot discover on their own. Males always fail to please female sheeple, no matter how wealthy and powerful, because they’re asked to do the impossible: fix their fractured minds. Male sheeple are no better than their female counterparts. They’re trapped in base consciousness as well. Disregarding the humanity of a female, male sheeple narrow their focus on her pretty shell, her appearance, which is usually over polished and aging anyway. If light bounces off your flesh and bone in the right way, male sheeple will practically worship you. They sell their dignity to provide for and to impress these females whom society conventionally considers beautiful. Females always fail to please the male sheeple, no matter how attractive and fertile, because they too are asked to do the impossible: be the object that life revolves around. Nothing out here satisfies.

Joining the hive and working so hard it shaves years off our lives is nothing to be proud of. Modern civilization wants to sacrifice each one of us. We’re indoctrinated to feel fortunate for the chance to make wealthy people wealthier and powerful people even more powerful. What do we receive in return? We lose life, liberty, justice, fairness, only because the hive must keep busy. We’re supposed to feel grateful for our slimming bank accounts and our mounting debt, because we shouldn’t feel entitled. Docile sheeple look through this manufactured lens. The propaganda digs into and hollows out their minds as if they are echoing conduits for the authoritarian state. They see opportunities to make a contribution to society and feel important, when in reality, they are simply sycophantic servants who’ve sold their souls, defended their masters at the expense of truth, and engulfed the world in needless suffering. Sheeple deem it acceptable to dress like fools, listen to degenerate music, and to never concern themselves with global consequences of their collective ignorance. With lives centered on habitual actions, like buying worthless items, watching worthless programs, and parroting worthless rhetoric, the sheeple will never know what hit them.