Privatizing Our Doom

The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not for every man’s greed.

Quoted by Pyarelal Nayyar in Mahatma Gandhi

Before a tornado cuts through the wood and brick of a neighborhood, it sounds like a train with swirling debris as missiles. Many of us in the United States hear this faint hum growing louder. We wonder what’s left of our lives that isn’t under corporate capitalist control. We wonder which politicians haven’t been paid off by their corporate masters and if the corporate hegemony plans to confine us, mind, body, and spirit. Are we only chickens, cattle, or whales under their totalitarian regime? Although corporate capitalists deny this dehumanizing force, hailing privatization of every resource as a human progress, we see what truly motivates them – insatiable and all encompassing greed. The “bottom line” destroys lives. Corrosive beliefs, like degrading water as a commodity and not a right, kills all sense of cooperation, brotherhood, sisterhood, empathy – qualities that make us human. Corporate capitalists are integral in alienating us from our hearts and souls, dehumanizing us, and turning us into plastic, into a poisonous commodity.

We do succumb to the marketplace. We’re lead astray and away from those we love. Corporate capitalists design the market that way, because perverted relationships unleash a bounty of profits. This corporate death machine lures us into loving their gadgets, their clothing, their cars, and their cheap, imported, and inferior quality goods. There’s really no limit to this gluttonous force in destroying what’s left of us as they privatize air, water, earth, and fire. I wonder if they’re disappointed that the soul will always be free. The soul is free of their money churning, life crumbling dominion. The executives say, of course, that they’re improving our lives by mass producing every minute aspect of them. Meanwhile, piles of old electronics grow and are shipped off to third world countries, and we no longer talk to each other because streaming video and “social” media turned us into thoughtless infants helplessly plugged into the corporate death machine.

Do the CEO’s and investors of these toxic entities, multinational corporations, sleep soundly when the money flows, burying their consciences once and for all? Nevertheless, this egregious attack on humanity wasn’t always legal. Before 1886, corporations weren’t permitted to buy, own, or sell property as if they were human beings. Corporations were charted in effort to improve the whole of the community. The time was vastly different. Today, nothing is sacred and everything’s a commodity, you, me, Mother Nature, our dignity, and our integrity. We need to ask ourselves, “Are we watching society crumble, letting corporate capitalists destroy family and community and attack the empathy we feel for others? Or are we unplugging our umbilical cords out of the corporate hegemony, returning to each other and the Earth, cultivating relationships with anything other than plastic, LCD screens, and “social” networks? Why waste time photographing ourselves if we’re really pleading for acceptance and setting bait for compliments? What is the point of buying new fabric to drape over our body if we’re the same brittle infant wandering from store to store directed by flashy advertisements?

Music, clothing, cars, tattoos – appearances are just the shadow of who we are. The shiny, buffed plastic veneer of our lives aren’t worth the effort we put into decorating it. We can rub this veneer, criticize it, revere it but as long as we rub, we are shells, nothing but vacant beings. If rubbing is all we did, we’d devolve into cattle hooked up to milking machines. We’d be used for profit. Multinational corporations would own us and our pampering caretakers, the dairy farmers, would deceive us. Corporations, with access to bottomless capital and immense resources, own the farmers as well, but at least farmers know they’re not herded animals. Or are they? Is every life form just a slave to the multinational corporation? Is this vile entity eager to copyright our genes, pollute our atmosphere and sell us medication to treat the symptoms created by their carcinogens, and destroy minerals in the soil and sell us modified seeds that don’t depend on minerals? Water, air, fire, and earth never belonged to a single entity before. Once humanity erected walls and claimed ownership, the quality of these elements eroded.

These life sustaining elements depend on the availability for all. Once we carve up everything, burning corporate logos onto Mother Nature, withholding Her bounty from others, life itself will shrivel and die. After all, corporations do provide for our well-being and service us for the greater good when not turning people into powerful sociopaths and not turning smaller nations into bloody rubble. Services or products for sale can improve our lives, but only if we haven’t forgotten our morals. Purposely shipping damaged or dangerous products to a consumer is wrong. Rolling back the Bill of Rights to secure a bigger payout is wrong. Profiting off others’ misery is wrong. A tornado of swirling logos, fed by greed and narcissism, heads for us. Do we notice the wind gliding along our skin?