Philanthropy As Means Of Control

John D. Rockefeller

Accept money from the mafia and you prove two characteristics about yourself. First, a price tag sticks to your forehead. Second, you’ve sold your sovereignty to a volatile entity, a metastasizing cancer engulfing the globe. This entity is legion. It’s highly compartmentalized and modeled after Machiavellian lust for power. The legion may appear far removed from us. Fortunately, we don’t personally do business with a traditional crime syndicate. We may very well believe we are safe, but this belief is a mistake. Even though the crime syndicate didn’t attempt to buy us personally, either ensuring their survival or expanding their illegal enterprise, influential people in both spheres of government and finance made the sale for us. Once purchased, the cabal seized control of education, medicine and in general, the means of all scientific and historical inquiry. The masses don’t recognize 21st Century Mafia, because they don’t brandish Tommy Guns. They also don’t identify themselves with street gang related insignia. This mafia, shrouded in mystery, defines itself by the method of their operation: Killing with kindness. The Rockefeller Foundation, The Carnegie Corporation, and the Ford Foundation worked in concert to fund education and medicine and thereby, control it. They sought to pump out not only dehumanized workers with a high tolerance of bureaucracy and a diminished problem solving ability but allopathic physicians with limited training in boosting the body’s natural defense mechanisms and huge incentives to prescribe petroleum based medicine.

The Patman Committee, the Cox Committee, and the Reece Committee reached similar conclusions describing the agenda behind the Robber Baron funded philanthropy. The Rockefeller cabal, as Carnegie and Ford appear to participate as high ranking underlings, forced the adoption of the Prussian style education. Funding came at a price. Children are inculcated to regurgitate the expected answer. They are trained to separate subjects, thus discouraging any cognitive connections made between them and are thrust into a rushed, discombobulated factory worker environment. The bell cursed the students. The schools swept away childrens’ curiosity by the needless sprint of entering and exiting classrooms and the mindless, time consuming projects offering no educational value. Using wealth and political leverage to spoil institutions isn’t limited to domestic affairs either. Once again, Patrice Lumumba’s name appears, the first democratically elected leader of what is now The Democratic Republic of Congo. Lumumba sought economic and political freedom from the suffocating Western influence only to have Allen Dulles, director of the CIA at the time, call for his assassination. Unsurprisingly, this area of Africa, nearly all underdeveloped areas rich in resources and raw material become targeted, possessed mineral wealth the syndicate coveted. To allow access to Western corporations to pillage theses resources, local leaders needed education, or more realistically, persuasion to favor American dominion over their countries. Locals would train abroad in the United States, return to their respective countries, and declare sovereignty as being absorbed into the old Robber Baron led Western Empire.

Lumumba is a prime example of what the infamous foundations aim to prevent. By the lavish spending on education in Africa, Rockefeller and his ilk set the parameters for intellectual thought. Through the means of funding education, the wealthy cabal molds childrens’ minds. Instructors who defy the approved curriculum face not only threats of job loss but possible loss of funding to their employers. The syndicate engineered education into producing three types of people: the policy makers, their assistants, and the low tier wage slaves. Ultimately, this Prussian style education, prepares us to be mere replaceable units of a societal machine, which, of course, is also programmed by the syndicate. These interlocking foundations, as an apparatus of control, treat learning as simply cultural integration. Schools adjust children. Students aren’t educated. They aren’t taught critical thinking skills. While teachers dole out instructions, the parents will have to be squeezed financially even further. Both parents working multiple jobs will become the new standard of survival. This economic decline opens the home up for the state to micromanage the children. Schools will eventually, under the false pretense of generosity, provide all three meals to children and all forms of health care they expect to receive.

The wealthy cabal intend to manage everything that enters our minds and bodies. As we find nothing but genetically modified food on the menu, and vocational information in the lesson plans, we’ll impose less and less of a hindrance to these intellectual oligarchs. We as serfs even paid for our own lobotomies. Clearly a noninvasive procedure, our own chemical laden, corporate products and toxic approaches to public education perform the bulk of the work. Our abilities beyond our profession are meant to be sabotaged. The wealthy cabal will gladly extend their dominance, guiding the evolution of themselves and their serfs. The chasm that separates the masters and servants will dwarf the economic inequality of today. One theorist is equally cynical. Doctor Oliver Curry postulated that human evolution might diverge into two groups: the dimwitted, ugly, short beings and the intelligent, attractive, tall ones. Such a prediction was met with hostile disbelief. A common thread among the hostile, reactionary remarks is that they’re predicated upon false assumptions. Doctor Curry did not pretend to state an objective and absolute truth when making his prediction. Moreover, to understand the prediction, we must consider the context of technology. We need to look through the lens of transhumanism, the path toward extinction, and the formation of posthumans. Doctor Curry’s hostile detractors bear a resemblance to the type that synonymizes conspiracy theory with falsehood. If we cannot play with unfamiliar ideas, we assuredly will not understand this place. Charity could be malevolence. Education could be mind control. Killing with kindness might be more sinister than previously thought.