On Curing Spiritual Blindness

Light, as it penetrates our lenses, makes our sight possible. Keeping this in mind, let’s be honest with ourselves. Let’s truly see the world as it is. We can observe the light flickering, warping, and waning. What happened? Did a thief capture the light? Or was there always some sacred cow blocking it? Government may have subdued the violent, impulsive beast in most humans but even in the midst of an abundance of information, the human intellect is reverting to a state of proud, corrosive ignorance. Maybe the degeneration exists for a valid reason. Maybe it’s an accommodation for an oncoming dark age. We do have our own preferred methods to shape the world to our liking. Indeed, society desperately needs reorganization. Today, humans inflate their egos with toxic lies and engorge their bodies with toxic junk. The human mind is deteriorating. Our potential to self educate has never been greater. Though instead of expanding their minds, many humans react to unfamiliar ideas, new perspectives with vitriol and ad hominem attacks. This behavior is symptomatic of broken lenses and faltering light. We’ve made progress, but we still have much ground to cover to improve the human condition. What have you and I done lately? What have we done to restore the light and repair our lenses?

Our first step to regain our sight is to remind ourselves of logical and well-known facts. These facts are still worth mentioning. Once delirious with anger and disgust, we speak as if these facts aren’t self-evident and yet, these facts compose the foundation of any rational, civil discussion. The first of which is that we do not know who we’re dealing with on the Internet. We cannot reasonably use Internet activity to encapsulate people. Their comments online may speak to their character or lack of decency, but the comments alone cannot represent a particular identity. To believe otherwise is illogical. Jumping to insane conclusions is another failure in the capacity to reason. This is usually done in response to a disagreement. It’s unreasonable to claim others as vacuous, worthless, or bigoted for expressing different views. Unfortunately, this characterizes most online discussions turned sour.

Non sequitur after non sequitur, the truth gets buried under the pathetic need to impose our views on others and feel as though we won. Truth isn’t found by subjugating. Truth isn’t found by winning or losing, but collaborating and understanding. The left screams, “Fascists!” and the right screams, “Communists!” and the main casualty in this mess—truth. Both sides cancel each other out with equal ignorance and prejudice. As a feminist cries, “Misogynist!” the light flickers. As an antifeminist bellows, “Misandrist!” the light flickers just the same. Intelligent people understand that other intelligent people don’t always share the same perspectives. If we’re offended by and hostile to views that don’t mirror ours, that shows incredible weakness. This weakness is a product of an unstable mind, and the unstable mind is a product of irrational thinking.

Uncontrolled emotion creates irrational thoughts. With our emotions run amok, the mind no longer stays an ally, and we’re basically trying to save our intellectual house as the tornado of punishing emotion tears it off its foundation. Logic builds our shelter. Mismanaged emotions tear the shelter down. Spiritual blindness plagues our species and once we’re angry and impatient, it’s already too late. In its emotional whirlwind, anger scatters the light away. Already, our intellectual house either hangs in shambles or lays ripped to pieces. Anger turns us into its marionettes. We attack the messenger, fail to address the message and in a fit of disapproval, we play the sneering sophist who uses fallacious insults disguised as arguments. This is a grave mistake. If people resort to ad hominem attacks, being unable to refute others’ claims, they lose all credibility. How is an intelligent discussion possible if we lost our house in the tempest of delirium? The emotional storm warns us that the light is in danger. Nothing decent is accomplished as we hurl baseless labels toward our opponents. If we can’t reason properly, we can’t do what is right. Therefore, illumination is crucial. Through illumination, the world can be a better place. Restore the light, and repair our lenses, and only then can we finally see.