Nothing New Under The Sun

Good people arouse suspicion in government agencies. Defend the rights of vulnerable people and you inevitably put a dent in the profits of powerful people. Woe is the one who threatens the king’s lifestyle. Our corrupt kings leverage agencies. Agencies such as the ATF, TSA, NSA, etcetera, are used to either recoup their losses or swiftly stamp out any threat to their gains no matter what the cost. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, allied himself with the people. He refused to be held hostage to the money changers and taught that succumbing to the lure of power and hedonism only results in cyclical self-deception and needless suffering. Unfortunately, that sickness defines this world, and Jesus never claimed this place as His kingdom. If He repeatedly reincarnated into a human body, the wealthiest among us would nonchalantly kill Him every time. Respect for power and hedonism and respect for humanity and life are mutually exclusive. Therefore, we must make this choice, and we must make it count. We must also recognize the possibility of a common thread running through each of our lives. When we notice either encoded or glaring patterns or phenomena that we intuitively feel isn’t right, we’ve probably caught glimpses of this thread. As children, we’re taught that the ghosts of history endured tumultuous wars and callous violence, but haven’t we noticed this story remains the same? Today, the names have changed. Tomorrow, the names will change yet again, but does the story and the plot ever veer off course? What would it take for humanity to pay off its karmic debt? Not only the powerful, we too tuck bloody weapons under our coats while stretching out empty palms. There is a commonality behind these forces of death and destruction that torments humanity.

God’s children aren’t goats. As long as we volunteer our own kin for a sacrificial offering at the blood altar, commonly referred to as war, chaos reigns as our everlasting nightmare. Murder condoned by blind nationalism and dehumanizing propaganda will perpetuate for eons. Generation after generation, the propagation of scarcity rhetoric enables the wealthy to foment wars and seize what they can, just as long as we don’t break the spell that binds us and notice them funding all sides. In addition to the unveiling of the true aims of war, we can identify different methods of engagement in war, and how humanity is floundering under powerful agents of chaos. These agents deceive good people into acts of sociopathic, rationalized violence. We’re deceived into securing massive resources and executing illegitimate, illegal trades only for and beneficial to the agents of chaos. As we can see, chaos is perpetuated and is only meant to be managed. If these agents decided to put an end to their destructive ways, they would essentially be dethroned as the rulers of humankind. In their eyes, they’d no longer be gods among mortals, funneling energy, whether positive or negative, like a current of electricity, into whatever decadent, unethical project or operation they wish to. I presume, if inspected closely enough, every human attempt at self-governing fails badly. Such a catastrophic failure embodies the legend of Atlantis.

All too many civilizations following Atlantis share similar short term successes but inevitably crumble under their own overreaching, unmaintainable empires, which expanded beyond their means. Consider a contemporary microcosm, government agencies, which serve supreme business interests, in comparison to the macrocosm, ancient empires. This comparison reminds one of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the Transportation Security Administration, the Central Intelligence Agency, and so on. These collectives demonstrated egregious abuses of power in the past. The ATF, FBI, and the U.S. Marshals violated Randy Weaver’s life and liberty, with unconstitutional rules of engagement, which led to the murder of his wife and child at Ruby Ridge. Other tyrannical interventions include the TSA’s violation of privacy with equipment that didn’t function as was claimed and the CIA’s toppling of democratically elected leaders in South and Central America. The CIA has a penchant for installing oppressive dictators who comply, declare their subservience to the American military, and open their borders to international business. As with Michael Chertoff lobbying for his Rapiscan body scanners, the ultimate goal is power and decadence. High ranking government officials obey and serve the wealthy; naturally, Dick Cheney is cut from the same mold. No matter how distraught and fraught with grief the indigenous people are, crony capitalism elevates profit over people and if the poor raise a fuss, stir up too much egalitarian sentiment, they are violently crushed. What little hope the poor have vanishes with the deaths of politicians that side with them.

Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala, Salvador Allende of Chile, Omar Torrijos of Panama, and Jaime Roldos of Ecuador are among the names of the leaders who refused to compromise their integrity. These men died under mysterious circumstances. Predatory businesses, which took advantage of the resources and cheap labor provided by their respective nations, benefited. The common thread, this series of related events lead us to believe a pattern emerges from the once thought random, unpredictable violence. It’s possible that every government agency, corporation, and secret society spawns itself under a different name throughout the ages. Just as the mythological gods of the Roman Empire paralleled the Greek gods, there may be one story at work here. The goal of any antagonist is power. As mentioned in the book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, shadow government organizations employ mafia tactics to seize control over sovereign nations. With alluring promises of modernization of infrastructure and energy development, writes John Perkins, organizations like Chas. T. Main Inc. or Bechtel Corporation would offer developing countries certain loans knowing full well they couldn’t pay back. The economic charlatans would pump up the numbers, deceiving the local politicians that the country as a whole will evolve toward a respectably modern and economically healthy nation. The promised outcome was not feasible and relates to the American promise of unlimited growth and prosperity to her citizens, which defies all logic. Tyrants are preferred leaders; they have no qualms in sacrificing their own people for more loot. Pillaging and destroying for bounties and treasure is all the powerful ever wanted to do. Once you’ve conquered, why stop flying the black flag of pirates? It worked. As each civilization wilts and decomposes into barbaric anarchy, the only change occurs in the language and the names. The names are Baal, Beelzebub, El, Cronus, Saturn, and Dagon.