Letting Go

Letting go does not mean eliminate and destroy. Conquering our emotions does not mean transforming into passionless, nihilistic robots. Only the staunch fundamentalist would believe that an android devoid of emotion and passion represents a higher form of existence. Understand that sex wields power able to destroy us, and the Puritans demonize sex itself. Understand that “A” students likely have a better grasp of the material, and the entire class focuses on the grade itself instead of actual learning. Fanatics cannot comprehend the complexity of the human experience. Real humanity expresses itself by kindness extended to all living beings and also with the search for truth beyond all bias or disruptive emotion. Truth isn’t liberal nor conservative. Truth isn’t somewhere in between either. How can the middle be the middle if our scale or graph is so crudely made? What we think we know eventually sinks into irrelevancy. What we feel can bind us to delusion. Let it go. Let the Holocaust go. Let the Nazis go, and let our inexact perception go. Finally, the fact that humanity isn’t comprised of only angels and demons doesn’t nullify the existence of good and evil.

Whatever is known of good and evil, true history must come to light. Newspapers, such as the New York Times and The Sun, printed early 20th Century calls to action. The articles described six million Jews homeless, starving, sick, tortured, or murdered in different places, at different times, and all years before Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. However, let’s be careful. This unveiling does not automatically anoint Hitler as our model for just leaders. This line of thought may suffice for the feeble minded but as truth seekers, we need much more. We need important details. We need answers from those who push the official narratives. To this day, the official Holocaust narrative has yet to answer David Cole’s 46 questions concerning the gas chambers. One interesting detail is that some of the newspaper articles mention the Schiff and Warburg families. The articles more importantly appear to con naive people out of their money and in the name of the supposed six million. Unfortunately, not too many people seem to be aware of them. People usually aren’t aware of other facts too, namely Prescott Bush’s role in financing the Nazis and Hitler’s active assistance in the creation of the Zionist state of Israel. Hitler approved the Haavara Agreement. This agreement encouraged German Jews to colonize Palestine. If Hitler hated Jews so intensely, why did he not only allow them, but encourage them to migrate to Palestine, where they could possibly grow in strength and in number?

Could it be that the Hollywood monster we’re told to flagellate cooperated with Zionists to better the lives of both Jews and Germans? Hitler may have been a Zionist himself. As Zionism doesn’t concern itself with the welfare of the average Jew, being a Zionist doesn’t preclude him from imprisoning whom the Nazis deemed unfit for society, which of course, did not consist of only Jews. Why would a Zionist worry about putting average Jews in harms way when the bulk of their mission involves conquest of a geopolitical piece of real estate that Zionist Jews erroneously and irrationally lay claim to. Can I extort others out of their homes because I claim my ancestors inhabited the area? This egocentric behavior, in which Zionist Jews claim land without a rational reason, relates to the same vicious megalomania pushed by the eugenics movement. The Nazis, the Bushes, and the Draper, Gray, and Farish families were tied to eugenics in varying degrees. Wilhelm Frick, Hitler’s interior minister, and Dr. Ernst Rudin, a Rockefeller supported founder of the German Society for Racial Hygiene, were involved with the Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases in Posterity. In other words, the eugenicists involved legalized forced sterilization.

It’s no wonder why eugenics, high finance, and megalomania are closely related. Fritz Thyssen was a main financier of Hiter’s political career. Thyssen’s Union Banking Corporation was seized in 1942 under the Trading With The Enemy Act. William H. Draper managed Fritz Thyssen’s account at the investment firm Dillon Read and Company, and George H.W. Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, was a director of UBC. Earlier in 1942, only one man was punished for collusion with the Nazis. William Stamps Farish was charged with criminal conspiracy with the National Socialists. Nevertheless, the Farish name doesn’t stop there. Once elected as Vice President of the United States, George H.W. Bush’s personal wealth was immediately managed by Will Stamps Farish III. Another associate, Boyden Gray, served as legal counsel to George H.W. Bush during Bush’s stint as Vice President. The Grays, based in North Carolina, founded the Bowman Gray Medical School in Winston-Salem, which promoted eugenics and practiced surgical sterilization. Noting other important collaborators, the U.S. Agency for International Development financed, with tax payer money, sterilization in non-white countries during the late 1980’s.

Enemies, similar to eugenics facilities, don’t spring up out of nowhere. Although, sometimes propaganda shares a hand in creating them. Not only did Hitler seek a mutually beneficial agreement with the Zionist Jews, but the Third Reich armed Jewish settlers in Palestine. Both parties agreed, instead of trying to assimilate German Jews into German culture, to create an entire Jewish nation. Moreover, the National Socialists, through the Haavara Agreement, authorized the favoring of Jewish settlers in the sell of German goods. A leader of Lehi, a Zionist terrorist group, Yitzhak Shamir, even admitted to offering a military alliance to Nazi Germany. Lehi viewed Britain as the enemy, not Nazi Germany, as Britain blockaded Jewish immigration to Palestine. For those who’ve been accepting propaganda as if it was cough syrup on a spoon, it might be too hard to accept that Zionist Jews and Nazis were people who reached a civilized agreement. Despite the emotional response that Hollywood tries to provoke, we don’t live in a world of one dimensional characters in predictable play. Let the cartoon world view go. Focus on the truth. The truth may originate from an unlikely source and may contradict what we think we know, and we might miss it.