Killing The Program

The world burns at the hands of well-intentioned people. They attend their church services, wear their crucifixes, and still manage to overturn buckets of gasoline into the flames. Almost no one is cognizant of their spirit disintegrating into ash. Americans respond to the billowing black smoke by retreating back into the figurative womb. We grew weary of the World Wars and the nuclear arms race last century and then, we grew weary of growing weary. Despite the climate of fear, nuclear war never was practical from a business standpoint. The elitists continue the war mongering to guarantee their flow of currency, their torrent of power. In other words, using an old, tattered phrase, “The show must go on.” Somewhere around this planet, there were some disconnected strangers laughing. Although, as always with dark humor, the laughter does not mean it doesn’t hurt. Everyone’s incinerating here. Desire hurts. Unrestrained desire turns people into implacable, impulsive pleasure seeking machines and as machines, they only seem to understand appearances and hierarchies. Machines are incapable of understanding spirit and unfortunately, they are the chosen administrators of this world. The administrators, under the guidance of the oligarchs, pass down their mechanical behavior to us. They execute the oligarchs’ vision for humanity. This position selects the prize for humanity to work toward. The prize is image conscious success, and success in this life implies satanic success. It’s a numbers game based on income, assets, and dividends. Attaching a number to a person to gauge his or her worth strikes against everything good in this world. If you’re still playing the game, church and prayer won’t save you. You will not be redeemed because you think so highly of yourself.

We cannot verbally choose to be good. We never had that power and we never will. If our words automatically changed us, the world would be paradise, as most of us lie to ourselves and others about how good we are. The hypocrites are wrong. The good chooses you. If you’re unworthy, then you’ve worshiped the cycle, the series of images that cheapen the glory of the good. These series of images, or deception itself, may loop around forever if we allow it. The false images of purity mislead us. The paintings of the androgynous figure with long hair and a beard and the symbol of death, the crucifix, mislead us. Symbols were never meant to replace what they refer to. Furthermore, most symbols don’t originally hold the same meaning we currently attribute to them. Most people seem content in worshiping the symbols themselves instead of the subject of their underlying meaning. For instance, Pascal’s Wager represents the lie of all lies we hear while hiding in the womb. Choosing a belief to avoid potential hardship or as the story goes, eternal damnation, is not equivalent to authentic belief. God’s not fooled by such a substandard lie for self preservation. However, the entire premise of Pascal’s Wager is based on a false assumption—that God places so much weight on belief instead of conduct. If we’re satisfied with worshiping the cycle, then we’ll inject poison into everything we touch more and more and with each successive generation. As in contemporary times, we will concurrently shout how holy we are as we carry out our unapologetic destruction.

Ary Scheffer - The Temptation of Christ

Ary Scheffer - Christ Weeping Over Jerusalem

If there’s anything to remember as rotating gears crush our lives, it’s that God didn’t do this, the people did. If anyone cries out for divine intervention, as usual, they’ll be sorely disappointed. Where is there a god to perform the miracle you pleaded for? Did the false image of God deceive you, perhaps? God only works through humans receptive to Him. Where Buddhists are concerned, false images are to be eliminated. If you see the Buddha walking down the street, kill him, because any words, symbols, or images cannot sufficiently define nor be the real Buddha. The same principle applies to God. When dealing with the ineffable, all assertions, all negations, and even logic itself fail us. The more we fervently attempt to describe God, the more foolish we become. The reality of this parallels the spiritual meaning of the maxim, “The devil is in the details.” However, in this world, fight through the plethora of details to catch a glimpse of the whole story, and you’re labeled a rebel who needs to “get with the program.” These overused, uninspired phrases don’t go away. They have a slight magical quality to them. It’s almost as if they’re hypnotic suggestions. Considering the state of this place, if many say these words, it’s wise to be leery of them and go beyond their conventional meaning. This can be an interesting task. After giving some thought, these neutered, powerless cliches begin to bear a new significance. At the workplace, we hear this phrase, “Hit the ground running.” Why did we fall in the first place, and why are we sprinting on the cosmic wheel? We fell because we chose to serve the queen of this deceptive place. We accepted the rules of the game and cannot fault God for being discarded as disposable human resources. By satanic standards, we weren’t up to code.

As with the unlimited supply of names for the queen, or the personification of evil, the amount of specifications for us to meet swelled to just as many. Unrealistic expectations arise when there’s too much demand for a single job or an individual mate. Unrealistic expectations can obstruct hiring managers from doing their jobs. Such expectations similarly lower females’ chances of getting married. There’s a cost to passive behavior and relying on others to take the initiative. With the balance of power tipped massively in their favor, they’re awash with a frenzy of desperate applicants. Both females and companies struggle with sifting through their potential matches, and both cannot be satisfied based on their requirements alone. The endless list of specifications only presents a false image of competency. The glaring flaw with the female mating strategy is that, objectively, no one deserves the best in return for mediocre effort. If we don’t put forth the effort, we cannot be good. No one is righteous and worthy of acceptance by default. Some females learn the hard way as they age. Companies might learn this if their vacancy is left unfilled for extended periods of time. Do companies and females put as much effort into what they have to offer as they do in their list of requirements? As the quasi-spiritual New Ager would say, the answer is in the stars. In a certain way, that answer is correct. How are constellations formed? You form constellations by “connecting the dots,” and a recognizable pattern appears. Who are the stars? They are the liars. They’re performers who goad us into taking the wrong path. The program teaches us to crowd around the pope as if he was an all-star in this game. The program teaches us that Jesus was a carpenter but for the most part, fails to mention that He built the kind of houses that we cannot see. Desire for the images brought us here. Let go of our false images, and only then will the good choose us. Once we relinquish our craving, we rectify our karma.