Interconnected Life: Seeing Blood In The River

There’s no running away from garbage. Not even the modern aristocrat is safe. The waste we discard, bury, and burn finds its way back to us and eventually, we even find it in our bodies. Don’t we see the beauty of this justice? Karma teaches us the value of discipline. If you don’t clean your mess, the mess will infiltrate your entire being. The mess will swell the body, mind, and soul until all three burst into tiny floating particles. Unfortunately, we’ve neglected the mess for too long. It casts a long shadow. It is daunting, but fleeing is not a viable option. Stop eschewing our responsibility. We know we cannot indefinitely create products that become obsolete moments later. We know infinite growth was a lie that motivated us to work harder for the promise of a better tomorrow. We poison the environment, but I’m not saying the Earth isn’t resilient. I am saying this: Watch our contributions to the world. As long as we’re in this mess of a society, we don’t have to stoke the flames and torture ourselves further. If not us, someone else will pay for any damage done. Let’s mature beyond our fanaticism and militant environmentalism. Stop trying in vain to save the planet. Let’s concentrate on clearing away our own portion of the mess. The rivers run on this planet like the blood in our veins, and we treat them both with the same lack of respect.

The mess itself deserves respect. We cannot tackle it all at once. It consists of toxins more dangerous than pollution, chemicals, and nonbiodegradable material. I’m referring to the pollutants that exist within our hearts and minds. Our planet isn’t as fragile as we imply it to be. Our power in altering it isn’t as potent as we pretend it to be. Humans aren’t heroes, and the Earth isn’t a frail lady crying for help. However, if we reject the Father, we become fatherless. Do we really understand what this means? Without the Father, we are bastards. The bastard children treat all life forms as their wretched dumping ground. They nonchalantly dump their eggs, semen, chemicals, excrement, and urine into the same pit of putrid waste. How can we not see this carelessness? The bastards violate life itself. We have overlooked the interconnectedness of humans, consciousness, nature, and civilization. Something fundamental has changed. We don’t expect our consumer products to last anymore, but planned obsolescence didn’t just apply to our purchases. Planned obsolescence applied to ourselves as well. It even applied to the planet itself. The wayward or the fallen are redesigning us in their image. Our culture instilled in us the belief that nothing is sacred and that nothing will last. Marriage and sex are no longer sacred. Honor and faithfulness no longer inspire us. As long as this attitude prevails, marriage and reproduction will steeply decline into a dumping ground for damaged genes and damaged souls. Of course, the blood in us will mean nothing as long as the rivers meant nothing. Taint the river and we modify our blood.

As we abuse the environment, we treat ourselves in kind. With everything ripe for abuse, we spawn more unrepentant bastard children. They likely will only add to the sea of poisonous, vile garbage. Once people spill their genes in lust and conceive a child they do not want, they’ve added to the overflowing garbage in their minds, hearts, and souls. They’ve already had a diseased mind in the first place, which enabled the act of unbridled lust. Now they’ve added to the pile, not only within but in the physical world as well. We are responsible for our own actions. On the other hand, our culture poses a great influence. Lust is encouraged and considered natural today. If we really want to know the mess itself, we need to broaden our perspective. A subconscious dialogue occurs between our ourselves and our environment. It’s the interplay of microcosm and macrocosm. The outside is the inside, the low is the high, and we are what we create. We want to create a better civilization, but we cannot coerce the bastard children to sanctify the rivers, the roots, and the seeds. Coercion results from the garbage that exists in our physical, mental, and spiritual realm. The government will descend further into tyranny if given the power to micromanage our carbon footprint and in certain areas, only we can clean our own mess. Remember that the rivers are our veins. The seeds are our reproductive organs, and the roots are our families. Damage the seeds and the roots, and humanity will not only be fatherless but sterile, impotent, and emotionally and intellectually retarded.

This interconnectedness of life cautions us against the widespread use of preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. None of these chemicals or modified foods are worth the risk as the vitality of the human species hangs in the balance. We don’t live in an inconsequential vacuum. Over time, we become what we consume physically, intellectually, and spiritually, and our deeds contribute to what we become as well. Examine the relationship between action and reaction. If our words and deeds clear out an expanse of immense destruction, we are changed in response to our desolate environment. In fact, our deeds being destructive means that likely the destruction, at least within our hearts, was already present. Karma works on all levels. This exchange or reciprocation exists between various levels of life. Our minds affect our hearts and vice versa. Our environments affect our personal lives and vice versa. The river doesn’t only run through us. It runs through our entire being and our lineage. Let’s make sure the river is clean enough for future generations. If the bastard children damage the river beyond repair, there won’t be a rebirth or reawakening of humankind. People will never again dip under the surface of the river to spiritually renew themselves. They’ll only carelessly dump their garbage. They won’t as much touch the river even though their own hearts pump the same garbage that pollutes it.