Giving The Oligarchs The Benefit Of The Doubt

What if the rich and powerful want the best for humanity? Not outside the realm of possibility, but this seems incredibly unlikely. Of course, I cannot prove it objectively. What is certain is that the words ‘rich’ and ‘wealthy’ confuse too many us. To clarify, when mentioning the ‘rich’ and ‘powerful,’ I’m referring to the network of family dynasties. Any name such as Morgan, Carnegie, Harriman, or reaching further back in history, Habsburg and the Medici make any physicians, lawyers, and stock traders look like penniless vagabonds. Real wealth is owned by the people who don’t have the slightest concern over money. If they wanted more, they’d create it out of nothing with literally zero effort on their behalf. I can’t imagine, with this all-encompassing power, knowing the consequences of my decisions span the entire globe, what I would do. I can’t imagine what kind of secretive information this position would expose me to.

What if we’re mistaking their penchant for avarice and their lust for absolute power for an incurable disgust for the current state of humanity? However elitist they may be, they set up the game, but we’re the ones playing to lose. We’re the ones who cooed and cried like infants. We permitted the corporate cabal to feed us their ideas, convincing us these ideas are our own. We’re the ones who suspended all logic, letting the irrational, underdeveloped, animalistic portions of our brains dictate the choices we make. Too many base their world views and their criticisms of public figures in fickle emotion and not on the dependable foundation of logic and research. Too many overemphasize the power of the vote as well. As politics is irreparably bound to money, an unholy matrimony, under the false pretense of caring for people, political candidates are preselected by the wealthy, private interests.

A deluge of lies pour forth from politicians who promise citizen safety via gun control legislation, the establishment of “free” trade, and the existence of weapons of mass destruction harbored by a foreign country. Not only every word grunted by the media and the politicians is suspect, these two collaborators, these sycophants to the wealthy, appear less and less human with each lie they tell. It’s almost as if using fabrications to further their diabolical scheming is built into their DNA. As long as we begin to pay close attention to the wealthy and their sycophants, do our research, investigate and discover the truth for ourselves, we’re less likely to be duped and degraded into pawn status. Start paying less attention to the frivolous sporting event and dumbed down Hollywood production and we’re on our way to slaying our own ignorance. Start paying more attention to the powerful and we safeguard ourselves from being an unconscious machine that automatically fulfills requests from an authority. When we vote based on a politician’s personality, are we not machines designed to “think” this way? When the only information we process is trickled down from the mainstream media or the counterfeit alternative media, are we not machines performing their duty? The wealthy know more about the living dead than the living dead know about their smartphones, their social media, and their online streaming video. The oligarchs are fully aware of how mentally deranged the masses are. Imagine the concept of stealing books or nutritious food. Do thieves usually steal something highly beneficial to the mind and body, or is it something ridiculous? Common thieves gravitate toward the fashion of the day rather than a medium that could contain knowledge. Yesterday’s trend was televisions and stereos. Today it’s personal and portable multimedia devices.

As with most major trends, the mania over entertainment appears manufactured from the top down. Televisions are a perfect example of this social engineering. Families invited this tool into their homes. The situation grew into a clear case of Stockholm Syndrome. The idiot box became the toy people clamored for, but the box dumbed them down, strained relationships within the nuclear family, and stole many hours from real study, real learning. Television, as well as music, trained the masses to feel a visceral disgust for nonfiction books and an addictive lust for anything that resembles toxic garbage. Music blaring violent, depraved lyrics, imposter artists who peddle corporate products, and chemical laden, overprocessed food, high in cholesterol and sodium, prove that the masses fell in love with their servitude. Older generations are equally guilty of this. However, their love of servitude manifests in slightly different ways. They pledge allegiance to a political tribe and incessantly complain about the opposing party. They also teach bad habits to their children by ingraining into their brains blind obedience to either the state or the corporation. Among the masses, there are voters who support Hillary Clinton because of the whimsical idea of her being first female President of the United States. Let’s focus on qualifications instead. If they’d do their research, they’d feel betrayed for even hinting at her integrity or professionalism. Even before Benghazi and the scandal over her private email server, the reasons for this are numerous:

  • Hillary’s lies claiming she landed in Bosnia besieged by sniper fire
  • The real estate scam, the Whitewater scandal, with business partners, Jim and Susan McDougal (whitewashed as only a bad investment)
  • Barry Seal and other coke smuggling pilots flying drugs into Mena, Arkansas
  • Murder of two boys in Mena, Arkansas and an investigation coverup by medical examiner, Fahmy Malak
  • Highly suspicious death of Vince Foster and countless other mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton family
  • Associates of the Clinton Family, the coke dealing Dan Lasater and the hitman hiring, Don Tyson
  • Using state troopers, paid by tax payer money, to guard Bill during his many extramarital affairs
  • The involvement of Hillary’s Rose Law Firm and the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) in money laundering and the illegal drug trade
  • Larry Nichols leaving ADFA because of the Clintons’ lack of moral compass and unethical drive for power

It doesn’t take much to access essential information pertaining to public figures. If the average citizens won’t investigate the truth for themselves, maybe they deserve their oligarchic masters. Not to excuse the evil perpetrated by the wealthy oligarchs, but they need our help to enslave the globe. When the hordes of females used smoking to signify their supposed liberty, they were doing the oligarchs’ bidding. When the same hordes wished to join the workforce en masse, they allowed the state to gain control of the children. The mother was the lynchpin in the nuclear family. With both parents working, the children bond with the state and inevitably look to it for not only protection but a source of acceptance and affection. The oligarchs intend for the teachers to personally know more about the children than any parent. As always, males are equally guilty. In the words of Smedley Butler, “War is a racket,” always has been, always will be. It is the wealthy oligarchs who pit people of different countries against each other. Males had a choice in pointing their guns and firing, but they pulled the trigger again and again and again. They were manipulated into believing the innocent foreigner was an enemy.

Why would the wealthy care about innocent people dying when bloodshed brings them riches, consolidated power, and an intimidated populace less likely to get in their way? They even use a nice euphemism for the dead innocents—collateral damage. Politicians won’t save us even if they wished to. As soon as a politician’s name rolls off the living dead’s lips, he or she already has long accepted campaign contributions. Once you accept the oligarch’s blood money, they own you indefinitely. The more conscious we become, the more similarities we notice between the wealthy, their government servants, and the mafia. Despite all of this, could the crime perpetrated by the powerful shape us into stronger and a more intelligent people? Could good intentions appear to manifest in evil ways to the untrained, or perhaps, uninitiated observer? Regardless of these possibilities, it’s in our best interest to stop helping the oligarchs and start helping each other.