Gifts And Diamonds: Grasping At Death

The good relinquish their attachments to material objects. They recognize rituals of the heathen and withhold their participation in such activities. Gift exchanges, which are inferior forms of kindness occurring during certain times of year, are unhealthy social conventions that obligate us to spend money on one another. It’s excessive. Being kind and respectful should suffice. Instead of nurturing a deep respect for life itself, some of us grasp after death and surrender to the impulses of the beast. We plug our umbilical cords into anything we can. We seek not truth but lies to prop up our dreamy existence. Forever scouring the face of the earth for the comfort of a warm womb, we idolize the rich and denigrate the poor. Unsurprisingly, we cannot plug our umbilical cords into a poor person. The foolish hate the vulnerable. The vulnerable remind fools of their own vulnerability. Anything that contradicts the fairy tale we’ve created for ourselves we greet with hostility and incredulousness. Any spoken truth that shatters the lies of our supposed invincibility and imperviousness to danger will incite even greater animosity toward the weak. For some, weakness is characterized by a person lacking the financial resources to appease their infantilism. For some, the gift of kindness is taken for granted and dead plants and pointless rocks elevate social status. Whether male or female, status symbols become cheap trophies providing short lived validation. If we truly loved flowers, we would learn to grow them and would cringe at the sight of cut stems. Material gifts, such as dead plants, gems, and metals, intend to capture beauty by not only artificially packaging it but mutilating it.

This object giving ritual demonstrates beauty itself isn’t important at all. Inflated self-importance of the receiver matters more than any burden or inconvenience to other living organisms. It’s also as if the obsessive females expect males to be flattering mirrors that reflect their own self-scrutinized image. Males, apparently, are humans who have their own psychological needs but ceaselessly reinforce bad habits in females. Now that less and less males attend universities and more and more feel the brunt of the failing economy, less and less females will be able to satisfy their hypergamous urges. Along with the advances of technology and ruthless opportunism demonstrated by owners of transnational corporations, the pool of bachelors with money to spare shrinks. Business efficiency and youth unemployment are up. The wealthy have little need for the middle class anymore and if females still expect suitors to bombard them with gifts, diamond rings, and meals in luxurious restaurants, they’ve better already have social ties to wealthy, recession proof communities. However, now is not the time to obsess over gifts, even during consumer driven pagan holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The wealthy in charge have been discussing population control and eugenics for over a century. 1984 and Brave New World weren’t creations produced by prognostic imagination but a natural outgrowth of real discussions that took place at a point in time.

Totalitarian and kleptocratic regimes were necessary for the diamond cartel, De Beers, to flourish. De Beers, Cecil Rhodes’s instrument for securing British dominion over the world, needed labor for their mines. As any cartel would do, De Beers coerced the indigenous population into retrieving the diamonds by taxing them. Making matters worse, working in the mines was the only way they could obtain money for taxes, as the native Africans were living off the land and not part of the economic machine. Additionally, indecent living conditions were reported in the De Beers complexes where the miners had lived. Anyone turning into a liability for the cartel, which probably included union activity challenging its power, could be released on the basis of unproven suspicions of wrongdoing. The miners couldn’t even return home after their long shifts, because their families lived miles away elsewhere. Miles away across the Atlantic Ocean, De Beers successfully trained Americans, much like Pavlov’s dogs, to associate diamonds with romantic love. Their marketing gimmick declares diamonds to be rare, which in turn, justifies the steep price and the association with luxury and extravagance.

Diamonds are, in fact, plentiful on this planet. De Beers concocted this false image of scarcity. As with all monopolies, De Beers controls the supply and the price; they decide how much is extracted from the ground and how many diamonds enter the market. De Beers cannot even officially operate within the United States, because Rhodes designed the corporation to not abide by anti-trust laws, such as the Sherman Act. How do you protect a monopoly? It’s the same old tactics of bribery, fear, and murder. Congo‚Äôs first democratically elected leader, Patrice Lumumba, learned of it first hand. Lumumba was yet another victim of the myriad of CIA backed coups and curiously enough, he didn’t fully support the diamond cartel. Mobutu Sese Seko, on the other hand, a dictator in the region of land formerly known as Zaire, accepted diamonds for full complicity with the cartel. In addition to illegal wars, can we also begin to see how close secret societies are to our lives? Cecil Rhodes had an automatic distaste for Freemasonry shortly after his initiation. He had more respect for the Jesuits as he thought them more accomplished and practical in their endeavors. Let’s inject more respect into romance. Females and their suitors are complicit in this pseudo-romantic, shallow, gift giving deception. If more of them were committed to lifting the veil of marketing ploys and the money machine that creates them, they’d discover that the network of power, with converging interests, intentionally imprisons their minds and deadens their hearts. They’d know that Rhodes bequeathed most of his fortune to the Rothschild family. They’d know that they are programmed to not only covet death in a box but yelp in excitement when their eyes meet death once they open the box.