Depopulation and the War On Fertility

Is humanity thoroughly satisfied? Can we now relax and place our trust in authority? After all, we don’t like to be inconvenienced. We indiscriminately eat what corporations sell us and indiscriminately consume what corporations present to us. Many of us don’t like saying, “No.” Many of us tolerate the tyranny. We give airlines, which shamelessly irradiate us, regular business. We don’t check our food for the genetic engineering label, and we’ve lost too much ground already. The war is not over. The war began before all of us were born and will stretch past the innumerable generations that follow. This is also a multifront war. Offensive attacks waged by the oligarchs originate from all directions, and the tactics employed by them typically contain more than one purpose. Nonetheless, the end game never changes. The powers that shouldn’t be want precise control over every facet of our lives, and our fertility is under attack.

Whether we like it or not, we’re born on the battleground. Our enemy portrays the battle as a grand party, the party being our fog of war, to cremate our care. From the enemy’s perspective, there is too many of us; the population is unmanageable in its current state. As our sheer numbers threaten the enemy’s hegemony, attacking our fertility will facilitate their rule over us. The oligarchs leverage our ignorance as we lace what we eat and drink with endocrine disruptors. Our plastics we use for storage and transport can and likely will contaminate our food and beverages. When we expose the wrong plastics to extreme temperatures, xenoestrogens are released and ultimately absorbed into our bodies through contact or consumption. Bisphenol A, one type of xenoestrogen, isn’t limited to plastic bottles either. BPA is found in sales receipts. Manufacturers also line aluminum cans with a plastic epoxy. The plastic lining exists for a valid reason as it prevents corrosion, but it’s a good idea to avoid plastic as much as possible. This avoidance pays off, because even BPA free products may leech xenoestrogens.

To further complicate the war, the air in major cities is pounded incessantly with soft metal aerosol sprays. Otherwise known as chemtrails, these aerosols contain aluminum. Aluminum is not only linked to cognitive degeneration, notably Alzheimer’s, but may decrease fertility in males. In addition to food containers and the atmosphere, we’re assaulted with a cornucopia of genetically modified food. Modifying our food’s genetic code isn’t sinister in and of itself, but the way it has been forcibly foisted upon the public and the health risks that GMOs pose lead us to believe that the modified food isn’t meant for our benefit as individuals. The assault of toxic pesticides and herbicides doesn’t help matters either. These chemicals may pad the corporate bottom line but also pose a serious health risk to the individual. One dangerous pesticide in common use now, Atrazine, feminizes animal species, including mammals.

GMOs are just one weapon in a whole arsenal to implement depopulation. Considering Henry Kissinger’s attitude toward population control, is it any wonder why antidepressants may cause sexual side effects? It is any wonder why tampons may contain carcinogens like Monsanto’s glyphosate? Even the promotion of homosexuality coincides with the oligarch’s plan. The media currently panders to them, and anyone who remotely criticizes this select group is hastily condemned. The oligarchs jam our survey of the battleground with their intrusive, soul crushing entertainment. We are awash in ideas antagonistic to the nuclear family. Instead of images revering marriage and reproduction, show business bombards us with images that praise the age old lifestyle for fools: Live fast and die young.

All the chemicals, medications, hygiene products, modified food, soft metal aerosols, combined with subversive entertainment and toys and gadgets outpouring and bathing us in radiation, interfere with our instinct to breed. Vigilance is necessary to fight off our aggressors. Now is not the time to lower our guard. We are allowing our humanity to dissolve into an emotionless, sexless, passionless, and thoughtless machine. If we transform into these nonreproducing machines, we no longer threaten the oligarchs’ supremacy. It is time we band together and stop disparaging each other for superficial reasons. We can find ourselves homeless, friendless, overweight, underweight, unemployed, poor, sick, and hopeless for reasons beyond our control. Comparing our notes and sharing information, no matter how unbelievable, is vital to our health as a species.