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Human Versus The Machine

We can’t ignore our incompetency any longer. We can’t compete with our own technology. The machine simply possesses more skill. With its databases, it dwarfs the body of knowledge contained within our heads. It can produce more in a year than the individual human could in an entire lifetime. The effect of this is that society has grown immensely complicated. We struggle to package it all, struggle to aggregate all the confusion into an understandable form but in the midst of all this confusion, one feature of modern society is clear. The individual takes the beating. The machine, including the institutions as part of its apparatus, gets the bailouts, and the imperfect, laboring individual gets very little. We might improve ourselves to stay relevant in this economy, but the machine already surpassed us in aptitude. We don’t possess the brain power to process as much data, and we can’t obtain first hand experience in all facets of life. We’re no more omnicompetent and omnipresent than animals.

We really have underestimated animals. We’ve vastly overestimated ourselves. The animal is thought to lack reason and intelligence, but many times it is us who can’t see what is plain and obvious. We can’t eat money. We can’t use objects as surrogate companions. Knowing this, we chase money and collect meaningless objects anyway. When is humanity perfectly reasonable? Do we not find ourselves in a dark place surrounded by liars, con artists, thieves, murderers, and rapists? If we really are superior to animals, we certainly don’t show it. In order to rise above our primal instincts, we must understand our limitations. To progress as a species, we must admit to building unmanageable superstructures. We’ve created parasitical corporations. We’ve created governments and other complex, oppressive bodies that disenfranchise and demoralize the individual. We’re rightfully concerned with these institutions, for they seldom bolster humanity and many times end up corrupting it.

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Beauty and the Beast

To all who suffer from delusions of grandeur, none of us have the answer. We don’t have a perfect conception of reality. Our capability and breadth of knowledge are far too limited and for this reason, there exist layers of perception. Sometimes there is no right answer. At other times, the answer exists, but we purposely blind ourselves to it. We sabotage our ability to see it. It is, however, within our power to change this. We can chip away at the stereotypes and fixed associations that dominate our minds. We can understand that stereotypes can contain an element of truth, and we can also recognize them as oversimplified representations of reality. We can do all of this. We can do this despite the world heading in the opposite direction. Arrogance is on the rise. Intelligence is in decline. The average human beings are living but in many ways are dead. They behave is if they’re collections of fixed thought patterns, believing their perspectives represent the whole of the law. They cast those who violate their law as villains who deserve to be silenced. They preach tolerance but bully those with whom they disagree. They promote awareness but react aggressively at any form of criticism. Who does this remind us of? Who is the emperor of all hypocrites, the king of all liars? That being is the beast, and this beast aims to corrupt humankind. It wants to pervert sexuality, reason, and good will; it wants to dispatch these perversions as weapons to destroy humanity.

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The Depraved Revolving Door Of Government and Industry

Most of us seal our sight in darkness. The depravity is there, but can we see it? Can we really see? Are we ready to see the desert? If we’re ready, we’d cut the stitches from our eyelids. We’d no longer lose ourselves in pathetic skirmishes for status and possessions. As we recalibrate for a moment, we’d see the wasteland sprawled out before us. We’d instantly know the desert. The desert is spiritual death. It is the void lacking moral sustenance, and the swallowing spiral of cheap, fleeting pleasure. It is the grim aftermath of ignorance, materialism, and needless suffering. There is nothing to drink here. There is nothing to eat but before we lament, we must remind ourselves of the truth. We’ve created this barren, God forsaken land. No one forced us. No one did this for us. It was us who did not inhabit fertile plots of land. We neglected to till the soil within our souls and as in the literal desert, the truth shines so intensely we crave the shade under the canopy. This is the truth that scorches and tortures. In order to learn our lesson, we must stoically endure. Karma unleashes consequences in return for our poor choices. Unabashedly, we allow our poison to spread into others’ lives. Our collective depravity can tear at society, and it is our government’s infamous revolving door that leads it to ruin.

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Letting Go

Letting go does not mean eliminate and destroy. Conquering our emotions does not mean transforming into passionless, nihilistic robots. Only the staunch fundamentalist would believe that an android devoid of emotion and passion represents a higher form of existence. Understand that sex wields power able to destroy us, and the Puritans demonize sex itself. Understand that “A” students likely have a better grasp of the material, and the entire class focuses on the grade itself instead of actual learning. Fanatics cannot comprehend the complexity of the human experience. Real humanity expresses itself by kindness extended to all living beings and also with the search for truth beyond all bias or disruptive emotion. Truth isn’t liberal nor conservative. Truth isn’t somewhere in between either. How can the middle be the middle if our scale or graph is so crudely made? What we think we know eventually sinks into irrelevancy. What we feel can bind us to delusion. Let it go. Let the Holocaust go. Let the Nazis go, and let our inexact perception go. Finally, the fact that humanity isn’t comprised of only angels and demons doesn’t nullify the existence of good and evil.

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The Impotent Rage of the American Voter

Let emotion pull you into a fight, and you’ve already lost. Your credibility dissipates. Your self-appointed moral authority collapses into ash. Before you take action against the opposition, especially if the action is drastic, you better fully understand who you’re up against. You better understand why you oppose this unjust entity. You better know how you specifically intend to resolve the conflict. If protesters don’t hand out pamphlets containing logical arguments based on verifiable evidence or defer to a website with such information, be wary of their true motives. If protesters use violence to force the public to hear their case, odds are that they never stood for anything substantial at all. Moreover, when you state your case, don’t expect to convince the judge by feeling justified and by thinking it should be apparent to everyone that you are justified. Right judgment will forever be impartial. Right judgment is carried out on a factual basis. You cannot postulate that, “The police are oppressive,” or “The Western world is oppressive,” or “The patriarchy is oppressive,” and expect to convince reasonable people with your hypothesis alone. This is why Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers failed terribly with their Weather Underground terrorist group. As with any ruthless, radicalized terrorists of the Islamic faith, violence won’t accomplish anything worthwhile. Instead of disseminating factual information in nothing but a peaceful fashion, they detonated not only corporate buildings but public ones, which the taxpayers paid to rebuild anyway. It’s never worth rallying behind the sheer idiocy of destroying our own neighborhoods to garner national attention.

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No Saints Left In The Wild West

How alien would an incorruptible, unspoiled person be to this world? Envision the persecution this world would have in store for that person. After all, he or she would end our never ending parade, our festival of ignorance we desperately cling to. When the music abruptly stops and the commotion subsides, can we then see what we’ve become? The incorruptible person most assuredly won’t be you or me. This person won’t resemble any of the false images we may have of a perfect, enlightened being. No matter what delusions about the Earth many adhere to, this being certainly won’t be welcomed here. The perfect being stands as the embodiment of truth, and humans on this planet react to truth as they cope with grief: initially with denial, following with anger, bargaining, and depression and finally, if humans ever reach this phase, acceptance. Don’t we find it peculiar that the word we use for the sun rising in the East is a homonym of mourning? Did it dawn on us that Buddha’s first Noble Truth, that life is suffering, was known before we even realized it? The truth illuminates. The truth is that wild instincts can never be fully extinguished. Despite any suffocating, domineering society, this world cannot be completely orderly and predictable. We won’t find ourselves in a sterile, pristine, and static white room, and we cannot reach the last door of exploration. The study of the wild west will forever remain incomplete.

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Philanthropy As Means Of Control

John D. Rockefeller

Accept money from the mafia and you prove two characteristics about yourself. First, a price tag sticks to your forehead. Second, you’ve sold your sovereignty to a volatile entity, a metastasizing cancer engulfing the globe. This entity is legion. It’s highly compartmentalized and modeled after Machiavellian lust for power. The legion may appear far removed from us. Fortunately, we don’t personally do business with a traditional crime syndicate. We may very well believe we are safe, but this belief is a mistake. Even though the crime syndicate didn’t attempt to buy us personally, either ensuring their survival or expanding their illegal enterprise, influential people in both spheres of government and finance made the sale for us. Once purchased, the cabal seized control of education, medicine and in general, the means of all scientific and historical inquiry. The masses don’t recognize 21st Century Mafia, because they don’t brandish Tommy Guns. They also don’t identify themselves with street gang related insignia. This mafia, shrouded in mystery, defines itself by the method of their operation: Killing with kindness. The Rockefeller Foundation, The Carnegie Corporation, and the Ford Foundation worked in concert to fund education and medicine and thereby, control it. They sought to pump out not only dehumanized workers with a high tolerance of bureaucracy and a diminished problem solving ability but allopathic physicians with limited training in boosting the body’s natural defense mechanisms and huge incentives to prescribe petroleum based medicine.

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Labelling: Not A Valid Counterargument

Scoffing and muttering, “Racist,” does not invalidate the words of the messenger. Observing that African Americans represent the majority in American prisons isn’t racist just as observing the abnormally large population of Ashkenazi Jews in show business isn’t antisemitic. Unfortunately, this rebuttal appears to work on people, even those who are cognizant of logical fallacies. Although knowledge of logical fallacies is incredibly useful, it’s not absolutely necessary. We don’t need college degrees to spot illogical arguments. We don’t even need to be familiar with the words ad hominem to deduce that insulting the messenger does not discredit the message. Even charging the messenger with jealousy is a poor attempt at disproving his or her claims. While simultaneously boosting the indicters’ egos, this overworn tactic, used by the upper class, gains no legitimate traction in an argument. Regardless of that fact, what have we become? We settle debates by sniveling, moaning, and shrieking, “You’re just jealous!” or “You’re an antisemite!” Is it antisemitic to point out that Israel has a history of spying on America and that Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, knew that Jonathan Pollard was betraying the United States? Is it antisemitic to make known the fact that Irgun, an Israeli terrorist group, bombed the King David Hotel? Logically speaking, even if the messenger was a jealous bigot, truth can still spring forth from his or her mouth. Labeling the truth tellers to silence and bully them demonstrates that the powerful have closed the topic from an open and honest discussion.

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