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What Is A Winner?

Spending power has nothing to do with success. Reducing ourselves to commodities marks our complete failure. There’s nothing more irrelevant to success than accumulating the most matter, because winners aren’t confined to an economic system. Winners aren’t defined by how much gold or silver they’re able to hoard. Winners aren’t defined by how many assets make up their wealth portfolio. Currency simply isn’t an accurate unit of measurement when determining success. However, we must define success before we declare its attributes. Success, instead of procuring the most matter, is good action, good as in simultaneously beneficial to oneself and to the rest of humankind. Greed and licentious self-indulgence may be temporarily beneficial to oneself, but it corrupts society. The path to success can only be followed in a noble fashion; for this reason alone, Jesus didn’t need material wealth, power, and money in order to achieve success. Similarly, Mother Nature, doesn’t need to force us to respect her. Nature automatically commands our respect for such an intricate, life-sustaining design. Exploiting us for material gain or belittling us based on our net worth is the hallmark of failure, not of nature’s successes. Our spending power defines how much money we have, not the brilliance of our wit nor the purity of our moral consciousness.

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