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Nothing New Under The Sun

Good people arouse suspicion in government agencies. Defend the rights of vulnerable people and you inevitably put a dent in the profits of powerful people. Woe is the one who threatens the king’s lifestyle. Our corrupt kings leverage agencies. Agencies such as the ATF, TSA, NSA, etcetera, are used to either recoup their losses or swiftly stamp out any threat to their gains no matter what the cost. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, allied himself with the people. He refused to be held hostage to the money changers and taught that succumbing to the lure of power and hedonism only results in cyclical self-deception and needless suffering. Unfortunately, that sickness defines this world, and Jesus never claimed this place as His kingdom. If He repeatedly reincarnated into a human body, the wealthiest among us would nonchalantly kill Him every time. Respect for power and hedonism and respect for humanity and life are mutually exclusive. Therefore, we must make this choice, and we must make it count. We must also recognize the possibility of a common thread running through each of our lives. When we notice either encoded or glaring patterns or phenomena that we intuitively feel isn’t right, we’ve probably caught glimpses of this thread. As children, we’re taught that the ghosts of history endured tumultuous wars and callous violence, but haven’t we noticed this story remains the same? Today, the names have changed. Tomorrow, the names will change yet again, but does the story and the plot ever veer off course? What would it take for humanity to pay off its karmic debt? Not only the powerful, we too tuck bloody weapons under our coats while stretching out empty palms. There is a commonality behind these forces of death and destruction that torments humanity.

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What Is A Winner?

Spending power has nothing to do with success. Reducing ourselves to commodities marks our complete failure. There’s nothing more irrelevant to success than accumulating the most matter, because winners aren’t confined to an economic system. Winners aren’t defined by how much gold or silver they’re able to hoard. Winners aren’t defined by how many assets make up their wealth portfolio. Currency simply isn’t an accurate unit of measurement when determining success. However, we must define success before we declare its attributes. Success, instead of procuring the most matter, is good action, good as in simultaneously beneficial to oneself and to the rest of humankind. Greed and licentious self-indulgence may be temporarily beneficial to oneself, but it corrupts society. The path to success can only be followed in a noble fashion; for this reason alone, Jesus didn’t need material wealth, power, and money in order to achieve success. Similarly, Mother Nature, doesn’t need to force us to respect her. Nature automatically commands our respect for such an intricate, life-sustaining design. Exploiting us for material gain or belittling us based on our net worth is the hallmark of failure, not of nature’s successes. Our spending power defines how much money we have, not the brilliance of our wit nor the purity of our moral consciousness.

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