Beauty and the Beast

To all who suffer from delusions of grandeur, none of us have the answer. We don’t have a perfect conception of reality. Our capability and breadth of knowledge are far too limited and for this reason, there exist layers of perception. Sometimes there is no right answer. At other times, the answer exists, but we purposely blind ourselves to it. We sabotage our ability to see it. It is, however, within our power to change this. We can chip away at the stereotypes and fixed associations that dominate our minds. We can understand that stereotypes can contain an element of truth, and we can also recognize them as oversimplified representations of reality. We can do all of this. We can do this despite the world heading in the opposite direction. Arrogance is on the rise. Intelligence is in decline. The average human beings are living but in many ways are dead. They behave is if they’re collections of fixed thought patterns, believing their perspectives represent the whole of the law. They cast those who violate their law as villains who deserve to be silenced. They preach tolerance but bully those with whom they disagree. They promote awareness but react aggressively at any form of criticism. Who does this remind us of? Who is the emperor of all hypocrites, the king of all liars? That being is the beast, and this beast aims to corrupt humankind. It wants to pervert sexuality, reason, and good will; it wants to dispatch these perversions as weapons to destroy humanity.

Thankfully, we have our chance at survival because of beauty, for beauty is chastity. Beauty is patience and fortitude. Though it doesn’t have to be a person or a human quality. Likewise, the beast can be a city or a country instead of a human being. This story of beauty and the beast can take many forms. It can take place in many exotic settings and introduce some interesting pairs of characters. One such pair is Europa and her captor, Zeus. Zeus lusted after Europa. He transformed himself into a white bull, seduced her, stole her from her homeland, and took her to the island of Crete. Another pair, taken from the Bible, is Eve and the serpent. The wily serpent tested Eve’s strength and purity. In failing the test, she doomed the species to a prison in which life feeds on itself, lusts after itself, and ultimately destroys itself.

As sins are passed down to the progeny, this depravity carries on and eventually leads to another relevant image of the Bible, the image being the scarlet woman or the whore of Babylon. In John’s vision, she rides on the beast drunk with the blood of the saints. In this case, woman and beast merges into one entity, and the saints represent beauty as they resist the temptations that destroy the human spirit. Unlike most others, they don’t succumb to undisciplined sexual gratification and self-indulgent extravagance and excess. We have the Egyptian story of corruption as well. This is the myth of Isis. Isis, representing beauty, is the forlorn lover of Osiris and Seth, as the beast, is the brother and murderer of Osiris. Seth traps Osiris in a chest and drowns him in the Nile river. Isis finds the body but soon afterward, Seth learns of her discovery. He cuts the body into pieces and scatters them throughout the land and in the end, Isis recovers everything except the phallus. Is it fair to say that American men seem to have lost theirs as well?

Whore of Babylon
Whore of Babylon / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

To group various stories together to prove a point might seem forced. Although, if inspected with an open mind, a vague commonality presents itself. We can draw parallels, though loose they may be, between the different myths and stories. That common thread is loss of innocence, the fall from grace. The clever, unclean animals inhabiting the dark corners of the world wage war against the chaste, innocent people and their commitment to pure, harmonious living. Both sides have been embroiled in their epic battles for a very long time, and the battles will rage on for eternity. We can clearly see the beast’s handiwork today. The beast extracted love from sex, and the living dead rejoiced. Now the fleeting pleasure of the flesh serves as the substitute for love and meaning.

The beast also lured women away from motherhood with empty promises of career fulfillment. Sooner or later reality hits us hard. Our place in the economy alone can’t give us what we want. Higher education and respectable careers can’t offer the passionate, meaningful lives we wish to have. A career is a job, and a job is about as unromantic and monotonous as it gets. If relying on this to supply meaning to our dreary lives, the dreariness will only turn into full-fledged devastation. Let us all be realistic. Spending time on higher education and career advancement, in keeping with the belief that we deserve the absolute best, will detract from time spent on procuring a mate or injecting meaning in our lives. In order to receive what we want, sacrifices must be made. By expecting to have it all, women put themselves in danger of experiencing a sad, meaningless existence.

I might have grown too cynical, but America herself seems to have lost her way as well. Could the country be teetering on the brink of collapse? It could be. Today’s women have married the state. They vote to increase its power and the government in turn, rescues them from their irresponsible decisions. It no longer matters whether they can afford children, or whether they can be suitable mothers, or whether they even want children in the first place. The government will fund their decision to give birth and raise fatherless children. If the government bails out irresponsible women like it does the failed banks, are women really oppressed like they say they are? The state provides them with security despite any unpreparedness for motherhood. It does this despite the likelihood of raising children in a toxic environment. Just as in another toxic environment, the state made divorce ever more inviting and beneficial for women. In divorce, the state comes to her rescue once again. It effectively steals money and resources from her ex-spouse and drops it into her lap. Does this illustrate the female empowerment in which she has become so proud of? Is she entitled to all these free gifts? No, she simply asked her true husband, the government, to acquire them for her. This intrusion is complete insanity. Mature human beings don’t need the state to enforce allocation of their money and resources. The government, in relation to women, has become the beast. It is seducing them via gift giving and ego stroking. In this sad day and age, beauty and the beast have agreed to copulate, and nearly all of humanity will suffer because of it.