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Killing The Program

The world burns at the hands of well-intentioned people. They attend their church services, wear their crucifixes, and still manage to overturn buckets of gasoline into the flames. Almost no one is cognizant of their spirit disintegrating into ash. Americans respond to the billowing black smoke by retreating back into the figurative womb. We grew weary of the World Wars and the nuclear arms race last century and then, we grew weary of growing weary. Despite the climate of fear, nuclear war never was practical from a business standpoint. The elitists continue the war mongering to guarantee their flow of currency, their torrent of power. In other words, using an old, tattered phrase, “The show must go on.” Somewhere around this planet, there were some disconnected strangers laughing. Although, as always with dark humor, the laughter does not mean it doesn’t hurt. Everyone’s incinerating here. Desire hurts. Unrestrained desire turns people into implacable, impulsive pleasure seeking machines and as machines, they only seem to understand appearances and hierarchies. Machines are incapable of understanding spirit and unfortunately, they are the chosen administrators of this world. The administrators, under the guidance of the oligarchs, pass down their mechanical behavior to us. They execute the oligarchs’ vision for humanity. This position selects the prize for humanity to work toward. The prize is image conscious success, and success in this life implies satanic success. It’s a numbers game based on income, assets, and dividends. Attaching a number to a person to gauge his or her worth strikes against everything good in this world. If you’re still playing the game, church and prayer won’t save you. You will not be redeemed because you think so highly of yourself.

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The Business of Pretending to Care

As long as foreign leaders open their borders for business, civilian suffering means nothing to the United States government. Civilians will only matter if their leader defies multinational business interests. This truth is palpable, but the media still inculcates lies that contradict this. They claim that the American government cares about our right to life and liberty. Propaganda manipulates us to make war with these leaders uncooperative with international business. Showing death and destruction emotionally compels the uninformed to liberate the foreign people, but humanitarian goals are never the reasons why America goes to war. Similar to her allies, Israel and the United Kingdom, American media builds up a public relations image of caring about human rights and equal representation under the law. In reality, she is held hostage to an internationalist cabal. They are wealthy financiers of drug and weapons trafficking, war over profit and resources, and the brutal squeeze of the poor around the globe to maximize profit. In 1990, the media peddled us lies that Saddam Hussein’s soldiers threw babies out of incubators while invading Kuwait. Thirteen years later, they lied about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction. As of 2017, the media is again pushing the same idea, previously used four years prior, that Bashar al-Assad terrorizes his own people using chemical weapons. This chemical weapons story appears to be yet another ruse. America and her official voice, the media, could not care less about human suffering. America and her media only thinks in terms of economic domination, resource management, and maintaining, expanding, and justifying the international elitists’ reign of terror.

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Fall Fashion: The Fall From Grace

John Martin - Fallen Angels In Hell
John Martin – Fallen Angels In Hell

Authoritarians rely on the vicious passivity of the commoner. They understand how average humans embrace evil and love to excuse themselves by glibly stating, “Just doing my job.” Despite the humanitarian facade, undeserved power dissolves their integrity. The working classes historically allowed revolutionaries to replace the tyrants but time and time again, ushered in the same brand of tyranny. As long as the checks keep coming, the people will look away. The master and the slave complete one another. They both spiral down the cesspit of greed, lust, and ignorance. Pretenders are among them both as well. About every aristocrat and commoner alike believes they’re above average and that the world owes them recognition. Both master and slave wear the same smug look on their faces and adorn the same useless trinkets. Fashionable accessories are essential to this show. This is why the screen before your eyes told you not to touch that dial. Don’t go away because, “But wait! There’s more!” There is always more, but it’s only more lies. When humanity built the stage William Shakespeare spoke of, spouses became accessories, children became accessories, and neighbors became accessories. Before the grand deception, the parade, the fireworks, the big game, and the fickle fashion trends, we had it all. The Earth provided. The rivers were free of toxic sewage, and the air was free of strontium, barium, and aluminum. Our cooperation with one another was critical to our survival. Now our defining motto degraded into a weak rationalization—It’s just business.

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The Impotent Rage of the American Voter

Let emotion pull you into a fight, and you’ve already lost. Your credibility dissipates. Your self-appointed moral authority collapses into ash. Before you take action against the opposition, especially if the action is drastic, you better fully understand who you’re up against. You better understand why you oppose this unjust entity. You better know how you specifically intend to resolve the conflict. If protesters don’t hand out pamphlets containing logical arguments based on verifiable evidence or defer to a website with such information, be wary of their true motives. If protesters use violence to force the public to hear their case, odds are that they never stood for anything substantial at all. Moreover, when you state your case, don’t expect to convince the judge by feeling justified and by thinking it should be apparent to everyone that you are justified. Right judgment will forever be impartial. Right judgment is carried out on a factual basis. You cannot postulate that, “The police are oppressive,” or “The Western world is oppressive,” or “The patriarchy is oppressive,” and expect to convince reasonable people with your hypothesis alone. This is why Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers failed terribly with their Weather Underground terrorist group. As with any ruthless, radicalized terrorists of the Islamic faith, violence won’t accomplish anything worthwhile. Instead of disseminating factual information in nothing but a peaceful fashion, they detonated not only corporate buildings but public ones, which the taxpayers paid to rebuild anyway. It’s never worth rallying behind the sheer idiocy of destroying our own neighborhoods to garner national attention.

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No Saints Left In The Wild West

How alien would an incorruptible, unspoiled person be to this world? Envision the persecution this world would have in store for that person. After all, he or she would end our never ending parade, our festival of ignorance we desperately cling to. When the music abruptly stops and the commotion subsides, can we then see what we’ve become? The incorruptible person most assuredly won’t be you or me. This person won’t resemble any of the false images we may have of a perfect, enlightened being. No matter what delusions about the Earth many adhere to, this being certainly won’t be welcomed here. The perfect being stands as the embodiment of truth, and humans on this planet react to truth as they cope with grief: initially with denial, following with anger, bargaining, and depression and finally, if humans ever reach this phase, acceptance. Don’t we find it peculiar that the word we use for the sun rising in the East is a homonym of mourning? Did it dawn on us that Buddha’s first Noble Truth, that life is suffering, was known before we even realized it? The truth illuminates. The truth is that wild instincts can never be fully extinguished. Despite any suffocating, domineering society, this world cannot be completely orderly and predictable. We won’t find ourselves in a sterile, pristine, and static white room, and we cannot reach the last door of exploration. The study of the wild west will forever remain incomplete.

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The Truth About Seeing Stars

Society expects us to bury our righteous indignation. It’s message reverberates distinctly and deeply within our consciousness. Ask for anything real, and society returns a resounding, “No.” It says, “Don’t bother with the truth if you’re conducting serious business.” After all, our seething anger is symptomatic of the truth a business partner or bureaucrat refuses to confront. The living dead don’t appreciate being reminded of the truth. They prefer their mechanical, implanted dreams, the American Dream, the follow the rules and you’ll get paid dream. No matter that governments and corporations treat us like insects, if your fence is high enough, you might salvage some piece of mind. No matter that wealthy oligarchs hire assassins to hunt any spiritual teacher preaching, “Love thy neighbor,” if you surround yourself with enough toys, for a while, the glaring truth might not kick your door in. The oligarchs know perfectly well, united, we survive, and divided, we perish. What better way to divide the population than with providing subversive entertainment, mind-altering drugs, and superficial, depraved individuals for children to emulate? What agenda do the actors, musicians, and socialites push? They’re practitioners of hedonism and as such, they proclaim that wine is the water. As ambassadors of the Bread and Circus Show, they glamorize the chase for that short-lived, egocentric euphoria and the youth, by becoming too deeply involved with their music, dancing, drugs, and sex, are swallowed up by this Bread and Circus Show. When the show digests the youth, the show becomes the reality, and they herald cheap gratification as the giver of life. Anything good is measured against an earthly pleasure. The drug, whether tangible or intangible, represents the epitome of good in this world. The zombies will pervert anything, including the holy and the respectable, to satisfy their pleasure seeking. Despite being essential to life, the population no longer reveres water, and the rotting of civilization is revered in its stead.

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The Middle Way

There was a crazy-wisdom teacher in India named Saraha. He said that those who believe that everything is solid and real are stupid, like cattle, but that those who believe that everything is empty are even more stupid.
-Pema Chodron from Start Where You Are

Is the mind meant to swing like a pendulum from one extreme to the other? If it truly was, then destroying in the name of God would be the pinnacle of existence. We would take on the burden of defending Him as if He needed a feeble human to do so. We would supplant Him. We would worship the same gods we’ve always had: money, power, status, sex, and self-glory. Even the ones who realize the absurdity of condensing the world into two choices ensnare themselves into the same trap. Which is it? Good or evil? Love or hate? Mercy or severity? Apparently we’ve gotten carried away with Zoroastrianism. “Since I’ve been awake,” they would smugly say. Declaring that they possess the gift of sight is ultimately a declaration of blindness. This behavior parallels the way the masses don’t even bother to examine the world in which they live. They reach a consensus that life is more important than objects and yet, brands, franchises, and corporate tribes still rake in millions and billions. Will we then avoid brands at all costs, even refuse to wear a t-shirt that’s violated with a huge logo but was given away for free? Do we see the trap for what it is?

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Are We Among The Living?

In the age of cheap and fashionable technology, the dead no longer keep their secrets. The dead bombard the Internet with platitudes they parrot and banal media they upload. Their videos plead us to subscribe to their channels yet offer nothing of value, and their images plead us for validation yet offer nothing of interest. Everyone poses the same way and peddles the same tired slogans describing how unique they are. They become emotionally invested in vulgar, narcissistic celebrities and athletes. They clad themselves with arbitrary brand names completely unaware that they’ve morphed themselves into walking billboards. As this behavior reaps profits, society not only accommodated but normalized this specific case of delirium. Being a fanatic warped into being a badge of honor. Wrapped up in their tribe’s colors and logos, they’re oblivious to their uniforms turning into shackles. If our team loses, our irrational feeling of loss is commended. After all, we must prove our loyalty to a franchise or brand that never will and never should care about us. Regardless of any corporations’ sociopathic micro focus on the bottom line, the vicissitudes of the seasons and playoffs parallel our own. The spectacle of playing with balls takes precedence over making this place better for future generations. The dead are hopelessly compelled to feel a part of something but have a true stake in nothing.

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